Return the sum of values from a specified set of records.

      Dsum ( expression, domain, [criteria] )

      =DSum("[Field]", "Table", "[Field] = 'MyValue'")

   expression The field to return.

   domain     The set of records, a table or a query name.

   criteria   Equivalent to an (optional) WHERE clause.
              Any field that is included in criteria must
              also be a field in domain.

For numerical criteria use "abc=Num"
for strings use "abc='string'"
for dates use "abc=#date#"

The DSum() function can be used in VBA or in an SQL query.


DSum("price", "T_Orders", "SupplierID = 64 ")

This is equivalent to:
SELECT Dsum([T_Orders].price)
FROM [T_Orders]
WHERE (([T_Orders].SupplierID)=64);

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Sum (SQL) - Add up the values in a query result set

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