Find files.

      locate [options] pattern


   -d path, --database=path
                Search databases in path.
                path must be a colon- separated list.

   -h, --help   Print a help message and exit.

   --version    Print version information and then exit.

Search database(s) of filenames and print matches. *, ?, [, and ] are treated specially; / and . are not.

Matches include all files that contain pattern, unless pattern includes metacharacters, in which case locate requires an exact match.

If locate does not work, run the command: slocate -u to rebuild the index.

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udpatedb - Update the database for locate (usually run daily by cron to update the default database.)
slocate - Security Enhanced version of GNU Locate (users won't see files they don't have access to.)
find - Search for files that meet a desired criteria
Equivalent Windows command: DIR /S - Display a list of files and folders

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