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Computer storage is manufactured and addressed in binary (0/1) units: 1024, 2048 etc (a power of 2)
using a binary prefix allows larger numbers to be displayed as round numbers 2048 bytes = 2 KiB instead of 2.048 KB

Many documents still refer to byte measues with the old-style prefixes: KB,MB,GB…
These are case sensitive and easily confused with bits: Kb,Mb,Gb…
  1 Byte = 8 bits
  1 KB   = 8 Kb

bits are used to measure network or download speeds,
Bytes are used to measure file sizes.

Typical throughputs:
10BASE-T = 1.25 MiB per second. (10 Mb/Sec)
Hard disc = 30 MiB per second. (240 Mb/Sec)
Gigabit Ethernet = 125 MiB per second. (1,000 Mb/Sec)
Solid state disc = 250 MiB per second. (2,000 Mb/Sec)
Fibre Channel = 2,550 MiB per second. (20,400 Mb/Sec)

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