KILL (NT 4.0 Resource kit)

Remove a running process from memory. KILL has been replaced with TASKKILL

      KILL [option] process_id
      KILL [option] task_name
      KILL [option] window_title

        -f     Force process kill

Kill -f basically just nukes the process from existence, potentially leaking a lot of memory and losing any data that the process hadn't committed to disk yet. It is there for worst case scenarios - when you absolutely must end the process now, and don’t care whether proper cleanup gets done or not.

“If you're going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh, Otherwise they'll kill you” - George Bernard Shaw


PsKill - Kill processes by name or process ID
PsSuspend - Suspend a processes
TSKILL - Kill process on a Terminal Server
TASKKILL - Kill a local or remote task
PsList List detailed information about processes
NET - Stop a service from running
NET FILE - Force an open file to close
RKILL - Remote Kill (Resource Kit) view or kill processes on a remote server
Powershell: Stop-Process - Stop a running process (kill)
Q171773 - Kill a background process
Q178893 - Terminate an Application "Cleanly" in Win32
Q197155 - How to Kill an Orphaned Process
Equivalent bash command (Linux): kill - Kill a process

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