NET.exe Share

The NET Share command is used to manage file/printer shares as follows:

Display the details of a local share
NET SHARE sharename

Display the details of all local shares, including the folder/pathname that is being shared:
To retrieve share details from a remote machine, use WMIC share

Create a new local file share
NET SHARE sharename=drive:path /REMARK:"text" [/CACHE:Manual | Automatic | No ]

Limit the number of users who can connect to a share
NET SHARE sharename /USERS:number /REMARK:"text"

Remove any limit on the number of users who can connect to a share

Delete a share
NET SHARE {sharename | devicename | drive:path} /DELETE

Delete all shares that apply to a given device
NET SHARE devicename /DELETE
In this case the devicename can be a printer (Lpt1) or a pathname (C:\Docs\)

To create file shares, File and Printer sharing must be enabled on the (server) computer.

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NET - Manage network resources.
NET USE - Connect to a file share (Drive MAP).
NET VIEW - View existing file/printer shares (local or remote).
fsmgmt.msc - Network share Admin snap-in.
Drmapsrv - Drive Share for use with Terminal Services (Win 2K Server Resource Kit only).
WMIC share - View remote file/print shares.
Q149427 - Change Password from the CMD prompt.
Powershell: Get-WmiObject win32_share

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