NETSVC.exe (Windows 2000 Resource Kit)

Command-line Service Controller. Start, Stop or Query running services.

      NETSVC \\server command servicename 

   server        The workstation or server where the service is running

   servicename   The Name of the service, unlike the SC command this will
                 accept either the DisplayName or the service name


        /list     Lists installed services. Omit servicename with this command. 
        /query    Query the status of a service. 
        /start    Start the specified service. 
        /stop     Stop the specified service. 
        /pause    Pause the specified service. 
        /continue Restart a paused service. 

Arguments can be specified in any order:

NETSVC /query \\Server299 "DHCP Client"

NETSVC "DHCP Client" \\Server299 /query

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SC - Service Control - Create, Create remotely, Start, Stop, Query, Delete.
NET - manage network resources
SCLIST - Display NT Services
START /HIGH - Start a specified program or command.
Svcmon - Monitor services and raise an alert if they stop. (Win 2K ResKit)
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