Find files.

      locate pattern

locate searches a database for all pathnames which match the specified pattern. The database is recomputed periodically, (about once a week) and contains the path-names of all files which are publicly accessible.

Shell globbing and quoting characters (`*', `?', ``\'', `[' and `]') can be used in pattern, although they will have to be escaped from the shell.

Preceding any character with a backslash (`\') eliminates any special meaning which it can have. The matching differs in that no characters must be matched explicitly, including slashes (`/').

As a special case, a pattern containing no globbing characters (`foo') is matched as though it were `*foo*'..

To force a build/update of the database:

$ sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb


Search the database for files with names containing "foo",
or in folders with names containing "foo"

$ locate foo

Search the database for files (but not in folders) with names ending in ".jpg"

$ locate '*.jpg'

File locations


Script to update database

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