Apple OS X Syntax

 Arguments      Shell parameters
 Variables      Variable Substitution
 List of Environment variables
 List of Special bash shell variables
 Array Variables
 Redirection    Redirect output from one command as input for another
 OS X Filesystem hierarchy
 bash Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts
 OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

Looping constructs:
The break and continue builtins may be used to control loop execution.

   if      Conditionally perform a command
   for     Expand words, and execute commands
   while   Execute commands

 Logical, arithmetical and comparison operators
 Conditional Expressions
 Conditional execution

Working with the bash Shell:

 Run a bash shell script
 Prompt Statement variables
 Bash startup files bashrc
 Here documents and Here Strings
 strftime Date and time string formats

General OS X

 Save an OS X installer to a bootable USB drive
 Defaults - setting system preferences
 OS X Root user - How to Enable/Disable
 Background Processes (Westwind)
 Valid Filenames in OS X

For examples of all the above see OS X books

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