Windows PowerShell command line syntax

  Parameters  Command Line Parameters  param() and $args[]
  Pipelines   Pass objects down the pipeline.
  Objects     Working with objects.
  Looping commands: Do, foreach, ForEach-Object, Switch, While
  Date&Time   Date and Time Format patterns (DateTimeFormatInfo)
  Redirection Spool output to a file.
  Statements  PowerShell Statements
  Tab Completion for Cmdlets, Filenames & Variables.
  Transaction Manage transactions.

Evaluate expressions

  Escape chars, delimiters, Here Strings and quotes.
  Comparison  -like, -lt, -gt, -eq, -ne, -match
  DataTypes   PowerShell data types
  Functions and Filters Write a named block of code.
    Function Input Processing (Begin..Process..End)
  Methods     ToUpper(), PadRight(), Split(), Substring(), Replace() etc.
  Operators   Format strings and arrays @( ) -f  [ ]  $( )  ::  & 
  Regular Expressions Search for a string.
  Replace     Search and Replace in strings and files.
  Wildcards   Match multiple items.

  Variables and basic Operators (+ - / =)
    Arrays and Hash tables.
    Automatic variables ($_, $Args etc)
    Preference variables ($DebugPreference etc)
    Ref vars  Pass a reference variable to a function.
Environment variables,PowerShell providers.

Scripts and Functions

  Base36        Convert numbers to/from base 36.
  CD -          Jump to the previous working directory.
  DelOlder      Delete files and folders older than n days.
  DisplayRes    Get the display resolution of multiple computers.
  eMail         Function to send emails.
  Open Here     Open PowerShell from any folder.
  Check-Backups Check multiple locations for files that have changed.
  Get-DiskSpace List the free disk space for multiple computers.
  Password expiry Reminder email
  pshInfo       List Ram, Disk Space, Service pack, Uptime.
  Get-Bandwidth List the average IO for a Network interface.
  psp           PowerShell Ping.
  InstalledApps List the applications installed.
  HotFixInfo    List machines with a KB hotfix installed.
  ServiceStatus List installed services and service status.
  set-eol       Change the line endings (CR/LF) of a text file.
  StampMe       Rename a file with the current Date/Time.
  Touch         Change the date/time of a file/folder.
  Get-Uptime    Get the system Uptime for one or more computers.

Reference / How to

  Run a script  How to run a PowerShell script.
  Comments      How to comment your scripts.
  Circular      Find circular nested AD groups.
  Elevation     Check for elevated permissions
  Event IDs     The most common Windows Event IDs.
  Keyboard      Keyboard shortcuts.
  $Profile      The PowerShell startup $Profile.
  Prompt        Configure the PowerShell prompt
  Version 4.0   Windows 7/8 PowerShell Cmdlets.

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