VBScript Syntax

   Agruments        Command Line arguments 
   Loop Statements  Do-Loop, FOR-Next, For Each, While 
   Operators        Math, comparison, logical
   Naming           Naming convention for VBScript
   Built-in Constants
   Variables        Define constants and variables
   IsBlank          Function to find Null/Empty values
   Function         Write a VBScript function
   Math functions   Cos,Sin,Log,Fix,VariableSubtype
   WScript properties
   Error Codes      VB Script errors

VB Scripts:
   Run a script   How to run a script.
   Hybrid         Hybrid Batch and VBscript
   MapDrive       Map a Drive letter to a network file share
   MapDrivePersistent Map a Drive letter to a network file share (persistent)
   qchange        Re-assign network printer connections
   Pin/UnPin      Pin items to the Start Menu.
   PrintSave      Save and Restore Windows Printer Connections
   RoamingProfile Cleardown files to improve logon and logoff times
   Replace        Find and replace text
   Run with elevated permissions Run As Admin 

   SearchAD       Search AD for Users, Computers or groups
   Move-Object    Move an AD object (User,  Group, computer etc) to a different OU
   ListComputers  List all computers
   ComputerInfo   List properties of a Computer (as shown in ADUC)
   ListUsers      List all users
   UserInfo       List properties of a User (as shown in ADUC)
   UpdateUsers    Update a property in AD for a group of users 
   Uname          List a users First and Last name

   GetDate        Return the current Year/Month/Day and time
   DateTime       Get Date, Time and daylight savings
   Delolder       Delete files older than N days
   Easter         Function to calculate the date of Easter
   isMember       Function to determine group membership
   Localadmins    List local administrators across a network domain

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