Date constants

FirstWeekofYear constants:

0 vbUseSystem - Use the NLS API setting.
1 vbFirstJan1 - Start with week in which January 1 occurs (default).
2 vbFirstFourDays - Start with the first week that has at least four days in the new year.
3 vbFirstFullWeek - Start with first full week of the year.

FirstDayOfWeek constants:

0 vbUseSystem - Uses the NLS API setting
1 VbSunday - Sunday (default, if parameter is omitted)
2 vbMonday - Monday
3 vbTuesday - Tuesday
4 vbWednesday - Wednesday
5 vbThursday - Thursday
6 vbFriday - Friday
7 vbSaturday - Saturday

The firstdayofweek argument will affect format() calculations that use week intervals.

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Number formats
Format - Format a Number/Date/Time.
Weekday - Return the day of the week.

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