dbAppendOnly 8 Allow a user to add new records to the dynaset, but prevent the user from reading existing records.
dbConsistent 32 Apply updates only to those fields that will not affect other records in the dynaset (dynaset- and snapshot-type only).
dbDenyRead 2 Prevent other users from reading Recordset records (table-type only).
dbDenyWrite 1 Prevent other users from changing Recordset records.
dbExecDirect 2048 Execute the query without first calling the SQLPrepare ODBC function.
dbFailOnError 128 Roll back updates if an error occurs.
dbForwardOnly 256 Create a forward-only scrolling snapshot-type Recordset (snapshot-type only).
dbInconsistent 16 Apply updates to all dynaset fields, even if other records are affected (dynaset- and snapshot-type only).
dbReadOnly 4 Open the Recordset as read-only.
dbRunAsync 1024 Execute the query asynchronously.
dbSeeChanges 512 Generate a run-time error if another user is changing data you are editing (dynaset-type only).
dbSQLPassThrough 64 Send an SQL statement to an ODBC database (snapshot-type only).

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OpenRecordset - Create a new Recordset.

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