Add a custom menu bar/shortcut bar.

      DoCmd.AddMenu(MenuName, MenuMacroName, StatusBarText)

   MenuName       The name of a drop-down menu to add to the
                  custom menu bar or global menu bar. (string)
                  To create an access key so that you can use the
                  keyboard to choose the menu, type an ampersand (&)
                  before the letter you want to be the access key.

   MenuMacroName  Name of the macro group that contains the macros
                  for the menu’s commands. This is a required argument.

   StatusBarText  Text to display in the status bar when the menu is selected.

Use AddMenu action to create:

menuname and menumacroname are required for custom menu bars and global menu bars.

The menuname argument is not required and will be ignored for custom shortcut menus and global shortcut menus.

The statusbartext argument is optional, this argument is ignored for custom shortcut menus and global shortcut menus.


DoCmd.AddMenu, "CustomMenu1", mcrMenu1

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.DoMenuItem (DoCmd) - Display a menu or toolbar command.
.RunCommand (DoCmd) - Run an Access menu or toolbar command.
SetMenuItem (DoCmd) - Set the state of menubar items (enabled /checked)

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