Delete records from one or more of the tables listed in the FROM clause that satisfy the WHERE clause (SQL).

      DELETE [DISTINCTROW] [table.*] FROM table WHERE criteria

   table     The name of the table from which records are deleted.

   criteria  An expression that determines which records to delete.

If when running a delete query you recieve the error; "Could not delete from the specified tables" this often means that you need to use DELETE DISTINCTROW or in the GUI set the query’s 'Unique Records' property to YES


DELETE * FROM Employees WHERE Title = 'Trainee';

In VBA 'Open a database
Set dbs = OpenDatabase("C:\demo\Northwind.mdb")
' Delete employee records where title is Trainee.
dbs.Execute "DELETE * FROM Employees WHERE Title = 'Trainee';"

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Insert - Add records to a table (append query).
Select - Retrieve data from one or more tables or queries.
Update - Update existing field values in a table.

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