Find a record.

      DoCmd.FindRecord(FindWhat, Match, MatchCase, Search,
                 SearchAsFormatted, OnlyCurrentField, FindFirst)
   FindWhat  The data to search for. 
             A text, number or date expression. 

   Match     Where in the field to search for the match.
             acAnywhere (0), acEntire (1), acStart (2)

   MatchCase Use True for a case-sensitive search
             or False for non case-sensitive.

   Search    The direction to search.
             acUp (0), acDown (1), acSearchAll (2)

             Use True to search for data as it's formatted
             or False to search for data as it's stored in the database. 

             Search all fields, or only the current field.
             acAll (0), acCurrent (-1)

   FindFirst Use True to start the search at the first record.
             or False to start the search at the record following the current record.

FindRecord searches for the specified data in the records, if found, the data is selected in the record.

FindRecord does not return a value indicating its success or failure. To determine whether a value exists in a recordset, use FindFirst, FindLast, FindNext or FindPrevious. These methods set the value of the NoMatch property to True if the specified value is not found.


'Find the first occurrence of the name Smith in the surname field. (not 'smith' or 'Smithson').
DoCmd.FindRecord "Smith",, True,, True

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SearchForRecord - Search for a specific record.
MoveFirst/Last/Next/Previous Record
.Move - Move through a Recordset

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