Retrieve a value from the users registry (VBA).

     GetSetting appname:="AppName", Section:="Section", Key:="Key", default:="Default"

     GetSetting "AppName", "Section", "Key", "Default"
   AppName  The name of the application or project.

   Section  The name of the section where the key is saved.

   Key      The name of the key setting to be retrieved.

   Default  A value to return if no value is set in the key setting.

All the registry entries will appear under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\

If any of the arguments do not exist in the registry then GetSetting will return the value of Default. If default is not set then a Zero length string "" will be returned.


Retrieve the value from the registry key named "LastOrderViewed":

Dim strLastOrder as String
strLastOrder = GetSetting("SS64", "DemoDB", "LastOrderViewed", 0)

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DeleteSetting - Delete a value from the users registry
GetAllSettings - List the keys and values saved in the registry
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