Add records to a table (append query).


      INSERT INTO target [(field1[, field2[, …]])]
         VALUES (value1[, value2[, …])

   Multiple-record append:
      INSERT INTO target [(field1[, field2[, …]])] [IN externaldatabase] 
         SELECT [source.]field1[, field2[, …]
            FROM tableexpression

   target          The table or query to append records to.

   field1, field2  Names of the fields to append data to, if following
                   a target argument, or the names of fields to obtain
                   data from, if following a source argument.

   externaldatabase The path to an external database file.

   source          The table or query to copy records from.

   tableexpression The table or tables from which records are inserted.
                   This argument can be a single table name or a
                   compound resulting from an INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN,
                   or RIGHT JOIN operation or a saved query.

   value1, value2  The values to insert into the specific fields of
                   the new record. Each value is inserted into the
                   field that corresponds to the value's position in
                   the list: value1 is inserted into field1 of the new
                   record, value2 into field2, and so on.
                   Separate values with a comma, and enclose text fields
                   in quotation marks (' ').

If a value is not specified for all columns in a table, the default value or Null is inserted for the missing columns.


' In SQL
   INSERT INTO Employees (FirstName, LastName, Title)
      VALUES ('Danny', 'Glover', 'Actor');


 Dim dbs As Database
Set dbs = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")
dbs.Execute " INSERT INTO Employees " _
& "(FirstName,LastName, Title) VALUES " _
& "('Danny', 'Glover', 'Actor');"

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