Return the position of one string within another, starting at the end of the string.

      InstrRev ( FullString, PartString, [start], [compare] )

   FullString  The String (expression) to be searched.

   PartString  The String (expression) being sought.

   Start       Number (expression) that sets the start position for each search.
               Default=-1 (the last character)

   compare     The comparison mode (Binary/Text)

The InStrRev() function can be used in VBA or in an SQL query.
Note that the syntax for the InstrRev function is not the same as the syntax for the Instr function.

Return values

If                          InStr() returns
String is found             Position at which match is found
FullString is zero-length   0
FullString is shorter than start  0
FullString is Null          Null

PartString is zero-length   start
PartString is Null          Null
PartString is not found     0


Dim intDemo as Integer
intDemo = InStr("The Universe is expanding", "U")
MsgBox intDemo

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Instr - Return the position of one string within another

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