Store a value to the users registry (VBA).

     SaveSetting appname:="AppName", Section:="Section", Key:="Key", setting:="Setting"

     SaveSetting "AppName", "Section", "Key", "Setting"
   AppName  The name of the application or project.

Section The name of the section in which the key setting is being saved.
Key The name of the key setting being saved.
Setting The value to which Key is being set (string or number).

All the registry entries will appear under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\


Save a registry key named "LastOrderViewed" with a value of "1375", placing it under the key named "SS64", and a sub key named "DemoDB" (create the keys if they don't already exist):

SaveSetting appname:="SS64", Section:="DemoDB", Key:="LastOrderViewed", setting:=1375

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DeleteSetting - Delete a value from the users registry
GetSetting - Retrieve a value from the users registry
GetAllSettings - List the keys and values saved in the registry

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