Apply a sort to the active datasheet, form or report (Access 2010+).

      DoCmd.SetOrderBy(OrderBy, ControlName)

   OrderBy    A string expression that includes the name
              of the field or fields on which to sort records
              and the optional ASC or DESC keywords.

  ControlName If provided and the active object is a form or
              report, the name of the control that corresponds
              to the subform or subreport that will be sorted.

              If empty and the active object is a form or report,
              the parent form or report is sorted.

To sort by more than one field name, separate the names with a comma.

By default the records are sorted in ascending order. To sort in descending order, add DESC to the end of the OrderBy argument


'Sort the records by Last name and then first name:
DoCmd.SetOrderBy "LastName DESC, FirstName ASC"

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