Run an external executable program and return a Variant (Double) representing the program's task ID if successful, otherwise return zero.

      Shell(pathname [, windowstyle ] )

To run non-executables, shortcuts or programs that require parameters to be passed you can use a simple batch file.

The windowstyle named argument has these values:

Constant Value Description
vbHide 0 Window is hidden and focus is passed to the hidden window.
(not applicable on Macintosh platforms.)
vbNormalFocus 1 Window has focus and is restored to its original size and position.
vbMinimizedFocus 2 Window is displayed as an icon with focus.
vbMaximizedFocus 3 Window is maximized with focus.
vbNormalNoFocus 4 Window is restored to its most recent size and position. The currently active window remains active.
vbMinimizedNoFocus 6 Window is displayed as an icon. The currently active window remains active.


Dim dblDemo as Double

dblDemo = Shell("C:\programs\demo.cmd", vbNormalFocus)

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