Compare two strings for equality.

      StrComp(String1, String2 [,compare])

   String1    A string expression.

   String2    A string expression.

   compare    The type of comparison.
               0 (default) = Binary compare
               1 = Text compare
               2 = Access compare

A Binary comparison compares the numeric Unicode value of each character in the string. A Text comparison compares each Unicode character based on its lexical meaning in the current culture. Different languages might have a different alphabetical order.

Result returned:

String1 < String2 -1
String1 = String2 0
String1 > String2 1
String1 or String2 = NULL NULL

The StrComp() function can be used in VBA or in an SQL query.


Dim intDemo as Integer
intDemo = StrComp("universe", "apple")
MsgBox intDemo
'Returns: 1
intDemo = StrComp("universe", "universe")
'Returns: 0

“To compare is not to prove” ~ French Proverb


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