Return a string converted to Upper/lower case or Unicode.

      StrConv(String, conversion [, LCID])

  String     The string to convert.

  conversion The type of conversion to perform.

  LCID       The Locale

Valid parameters for conversion:

Parameter Value Description
vbUpperCase 1 Convert the string to all uppercase.
vbLowerCase 2 Convert the string to all lowercase.
vbProperCase 3 Convert the first letter to every word to uppercase. All other characters are left as lowercase.
vbUnicode 64 Convert the string to Unicode.
vbFromUnicode 128 Convert the string from Unicode to the default code page of the system.

The StrConv() function can be used in VBA or in an SQL query.The vb constants are only valid in VBA code, to use strconv() in a query use the numeric value. In far east locales StrComp supports additional constants for converting Hiragana and Katana characters.


Dim strDemo as String
strDemo = StrConv("the universe is everlasting", vbProperCase)
MsgBox strDemo
'Returns: "The Universe Is Everlasting"

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