Microsoft Access Colors

Colours in Microsoft access can be set, manually or using VBA to either a Long number or (in recent versions of Access) a Hex color code.

The default numeric number type used by Access is a 16 bit integer (max=65,535), and 6 Hex codes will exceed this range, for example FFFFFF is 16,777,215

Therefore when working with colors it is important to use a 32-bit Long (max=2,147,483,647),
for a hex constant like &FF005F& the extra & on the end denotes a 32 bit Long instead of a 16 bit integer.

Converting hex colors to long for compatibility with older versions of Access can be done with the RGB function.

The color of many objects can be set using the .backcolor and .forecolor properties


Me!txtAddress.BackColor = &FF005F&

Me!txtPostcode.ForeColor = &FF005F&

Windows Color Constants

To set colors based on the users current desktop theme, use the constants below.
To set colors in VBA use the numeric value instead of the name.

System Scrollbar       -2147483648
System Desktop         -2147483647
System Active Title Bar   -2147483646
System Inactive Title Bar -2147483645
System Menu Background    -2147483644
System Window          -2147483643
System Window Frame    -2147483642
System Menu Text       -2147483641
System Window Text     -2147483640
System Title Bar Text  -2147483639
System Active Border   -2147483638
System Inactive Border -2147483637
System Application Background -2147483636
System Highlight       -2147483635
System Highlight Text  -2147483634
System Button Face     -2147483633
System Button Shadow   -2147483632
System Alternate Row   -2147483631
System Button Text     -2147483630
System Inactive Caption Text -2147483629
System 3D Highlight    -2147483628
System 3D Shadow       -2147483627
System 3D Light        -2147483626
System Tooltip Text    -2147483625
System Tooltip Background -2147483624
System Static          -2147483623
System Static Text     -2147483622
System Gradient Active Caption -2147483621
System Gradient Inactive Caption -2147483620
System Menu Highlight  -2147483619
System Menu Bar        -2147483618

“Speed kills colour... the gyroscope, when turning at full speed, shows up gray” ~ Paul Morand


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