How-to: Microsoft Access VBA Editor Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Meaning
Shift + F2 Place the cursor on any variable, procedure, or property and press Shift-F2 to jump to the items definition. If necessary this will open additional VBA modules in the VBA editor.
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Go back to where you came when you pressed [Shift F2]
F9 Set (or reset) a breakpoint to stop the program against the selected line of code.
F5 Run the current procedure (if it doesn’t require parameters)
F8 Run the current line.
Shift+F8 Step over the line by running the procedure on the current line without going into it and stepping through each line
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Continue - Run through the rest of the current procedure.
Ctrl+F9 Jump - Set the next statement to execute.


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