Import or link data from a SharePoint Foundation site.

      DoCmd.TransferSharePointList(TransferType, SiteAddress, ListID, ViewID, TableName, GetLookupDisplayValues)

   TransferType  The type of transfer to make. AcSharePointListTransferType

   SiteAddress   The full path of the SharePoint site.

   ListID        The name or GUID of the list to be transferred.

   ViewID        The GUID of the view for the list you want to use.
                 Leave this argument blank to transfer all rows and columns in the list.

   TableName     The name you want displayed for the table or linked table in Access.

                 Whether to transfer display values for Lookup fields instead of the ID used to perform the lookup. 

A GUID is a unique hexadecimal identifier for a list or a view. A GUID must be entered in the following format, where each "F" is a hexadecimal number (0 through 9 or A through F). {FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF}

If you specify a nonexistent list or view, no error occurs, and no data is transferred.

In SharePoint: View ➞ 'Modify this View' will reveal the list and view GUIDs in the browser's address bar

The HTML encoding must be reversed to use the GUID with TransferSharePointList

{ (left brace) is represented by %7B
- (hyphen) is represented by %2D
} (right brace) is represented by %7D

“Traditionally, most of Australia's imports come from overseas” ~ Keppel Enderbery


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