Create and run a crosstab query.

      TRANSFORM aggFunction SelectStatement PIVOT
         pivotField [IN (value1[, value2[, …]])]

   aggFunction     An SQL aggregate function that operates on the selected data.

   SelectStatement A SELECT statement.

   pivotField      The field or expression used to create column headings
                   in the query's result set.

   value1, value2  Fixed values used to create column headings.

If any rows or columns contain NULLs they will appear under a row/column as <>


'Return Purchase Dates as rows, ServicePack pivoted as columns and count the numbers of servers from the table T_Servers:

TRANSFORM Count(T_servers.svr_Name) As CountServers
SELECT T_Servers.svr_Purchase_Date
FROM T_Servers
GROUP BY T_Servers.svr_Purchase_Date
PIVOT T_Servers.svr_os_Service_Pack;

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun” ~ Pablo Picasso


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