Update (SQL)

Change the existing field values in a table.

      UPDATE table SET newvalue WHERE criteria;

  table     The name of the table to modify.

  newvalue  An expression that determines the value to be
            updated in a specific field in the table.

  criteria  An expression that determines which records
            will be updated.

Multiple records can be updated together, or the criteria can limit the update to a single row.
Several fields can be updated at the same time.


SET OrderAmount = OrderAmount * 1.1, Freight = Freight * 0.9
WHERE ShipCountry = 'UK';

“Even God cannot change the past” ~ Agathon


Delete - Delete records.
Execute (SQL/VBA) - Execute a procedure or run SQL.
Insert - Add records to a table (append query).
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Select Into - Make-table query.
Select-Subquery - SubQuery
Transform - Create a crosstab query.
Union - Combine the results of two SQL queries.
Update - Update existing field values in a table.

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