Change group ownership.

'chgrp' changes the group ownership of each given File to Group (which can be either a group name or a numeric group id) or to match the same group as an existing reference file.

      chgrp [Options]... {Group | --reference=File} File...


       Verbosely describe the action for each File whose group actually changes.

       Do not print error messages about files whose group cannot be changed.

       Act on symbolic links themselves instead of what they point to.
       Only available if the 'lchown' system call is provided.

       Use the group of the reference FILE instead of an explicit GROUP.

       Verbosely describe the action or non-action taken for every File.

       Recursively change the group ownership of directories and their


Change the group ownership of a file to 'OpsGroup':

$ chgrp OpsGroup /usr/database/demo.dbf

Change the group ownership of a directory and all sub-directories to 'OpsGroup', display all the changes made:

$ chgrp -c -R OpsGroup /usr/database/

Groupthink - Tendency of decision makers to join together around a policy or person without questioning basic assumptions.

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