Run a command with a different root directory. On many systems, only the super-user can do this.

     chroot NEWROOT [COMMAND [ARGS]...]

     chroot OPTION

Ordinarily, filenames are looked up starting at the root of the directory structure, i.e. '/'

'chroot' changes the root to the directory NEWROOT (which must exist) and then runs COMMAND with optional ARGS.

If COMMAND is not specified, the default is the value of the 'SHELL' environment variable or '/bin/sh' if not set, invoked with the '-i' option.

The only options are '--help' and '--version'

“Humility, that low, sweet root,
From which all heavenly virtues shoot” ~ Thomas Moore (The Loves of the Angels)

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Equivalent Windows command: RUNAS - Run command As.

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