Do nothing, returning a non-zero (false) exit status.


'false' does nothing except return an exit status of 1, meaning "failure". It can be used as a place holder in shell scripts where an unsuccessful command is needed.

'false' ignores all command line arguments, even --help and --version, since to do otherwise would change expected behavior that some programmers might be relying on.

This version of 'false' is implemented as a C program, and is thus more secure and faster than a shell script implementation, and can safely be used as a dummy shell for the purpose of disabling accounts.

This is a BASH shell builtin, to display your local syntax from the bash prompt type: help false

“False in one thing, false in everything” ~ Legal maxim

Related linux commands

true - Do nothing, successfully.
yes - Print a string until interrupted.
Equivalent Windows commands: The COLOR command can be used to set an %errorlevel%

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