ifup / ifdown

Bring a network interface up or down

      ifup [options] -a | IFACE...
      ifdown [options] -a|IFACE...

   -a, --all       If given to ifup, affect all interfaces marked auto.
                   Interfaces are brought up in the order in which they are defined in /etc/network/interfaces.

                   If given to ifdown, affect all defined interfaces.
                   Interfaces are brought down in the order in which they are currently listed in the state file.
                   Only interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces will be brought down.

   --force         Force configuration or deconfiguration of the interface.

   --allow=CLASS   Only allow interfaces listed in an allow-CLASS line in /etc/network/interfaces
                   to be acted upon.
   -i FILE
                   Read interface definitions from FILE instead of from /etc/network/interfaces.

   -n, --no-act    Don’t configure any interfaces or run any "up" or "down" commands.

   --no-mappings   Don’t run any mappings. See interfaces for more information about the mapping feature.

   -v, --verbose   Show commands as they are executed.

   -h, --help      Display help for ifup

   -V, --version   Show copyright and version information.


Bring up all the interfaces defined with auto in /etc/network/interfaces:

ifup -a

Bring up interface eth0:

ifup eth0

Bring down all interfaces that are currently up:

ifdown -a

“Either I’m dead or my watch has stopped” ~ Groucho Marx’s last words

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