ip addrlabel

IPv6 address label is used for address selection described in RFC 3484. Precedence is managed by userspace, and only label is stored in kernel. addrlabel can be abbreviated to addrl

ip addrlabel add - add an address label.
ip addrlabel del - delete an address label (label is not required)
ip addrlabel list - list address labels
ip addrlabel flush - flush address labels

      ip addrlabel { add | del } prefix PREFIX [ dev DEV ] [ label NUMBER ]

      ip addrlabel { list | flush }

   prefix PREFIX

   dev DEV
      The outgoing interface. 

   label NUMBER
      The label for the prefix. 0xffffffff is reserved. 

ip addrlabel flush - flushes the contents of address labels and does not restore default settings.

Warning: This command (and other flush commands) is pretty dangerous.
If you make a mistake, it will not forgive it, but will cruelly purge all the addresses.

“It is remarkable how easily and insensibly we fall into a particular route, and make a beaten track for ourselves” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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