Create new folder(s), if they do not already exist.

      mkdir [Options] folder...

      mkdir "Name with spaces"

  -m, --mode=MODE   set permission mode (as in chmod), not rwxrwxrwx - umask
  -p, --parents     no error if existing, make parent directories as needed
      --verbose     print a message for each created directory

mkdir creates the standard entries . (dot) for the current folder and .. (dot dot) for its parent

A folder name that includes spaces can appear in some applications as "Name%20with%20spaces" This is because 20 is the Ascii code for a space in Hex.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" ~ Peter Drucker

Related linux commands:

cd - Change Directory.
rm - Remove files.
rmdir - Remove folder(s).
Equivalent Windows commands: MD - Create new folders.

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