Mtools is a public domain collection of tools to allow Unix systems to manipulate MS-DOS files: read, write, and move around files on an MS-DOS filesystem

Mtools are typically used to manipulate FAT formatted floppy disks. Each program attempts to emulate the MS-DOS equivalent command.

Mtools is sufficient to give access to MS-DOS filesystems. For instance, commands such as mdir a: work on the a: floppy without any preliminary mounting or initialization (assuming the default '/etc/mtools.conf' works on your machine). With mtools, one can change floppies without unmounting and mounting.

MTOOLS Programs

floppyd           floppy daemon to run on your X server box
floppyd_installtest small utility to check for the presence of floppyd
mattrib           change MS-DOS file attribute flags
mbadblocks        tests a floppy disk, and marks the bad blocks in the FAT
mcat              same as cat. Only useful with floppyd.
mcd               change MS-DOS directory
mcopy             copy MS-DOS files to/from Unix
mdel              delete an MS-DOS file
mdeltree          recursively delete an MS-DOS directory
mdir              display an MS-DOS directory
mdu               list space occupied by directory and its contents
mformat           add an MS-DOS filesystem to a low-level formatted floppy disk
minfo             get information about an MS-DOS filesystem.
mlabel            make an MS-DOS volume label
mkmanifest        makes a list of short name equivalents
mmd               make an MS-DOS subdirectory
mmount            mount an MS-DOS disk
mpartition        create an MS-DOS as a partition
mrd               remove an MS-DOS subdirectory
mmove             move or rename an MS-DOS file or subdirectory
mren              rename an existing MS-DOS file
mshowfat          shows the FAT map of a file
mtoolstest        tests and displays the configuration
mtype             display contents of an MS-DOS file
mzip              zip disk specific commands
xcopy             recursively copy a dos directory into another

"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us" ~ Marshall McLuhan

Equivalent Windows commands:

In the same way that mtools are DOS/Windows commands ported to run under UNIX, most UNIX commands have been ported to run under Windows.
A limited selection of POSIX tools were included in the Windows NT resource kits, more can be found on the net.

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