Modify a user password.

      passwd [options...] 

   -d, --delete        delete the password for the named account (root only)

   -f, --force         force operation (effectively calls 'chfn'?)

   -k, --keep-tokens   keep non-expired authentication tokens

   -l, --lock          lock the named account (root only)

   -S, --status        report password status on the named account (root only)

   --stdin             read new tokens from stdin (root only)

   -u, --unlock        unlock the named account (root only)

   -?, --help          Show this help message

   --usage             Display brief usage message

If no options are specified - passwd will change the password of the currently logged in user - will prompt for the old and new passwords.

Password aging (for new accounts) can be set to enforce a limited lifetime for each password: /etc/login.defs

"Chico : you can't come in unless you give the password...
Well, what is the password?... I got it! Haddock! ~ Groucho Marx

Related linux commands:

chgrp - Change group ownership.
chage - Set password age.
chmod - Change access permissions.
chown - Change file owner and group.
who - Print who is currently logged in.
Password generator
Equivalent Windows command: NET USER username * /domain

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