Remote Copy - move files between machines.
Each file or directory is either a remote filename of the form rname@rhost:path or a local filename.

      rcp [options] file1 file2

      rcp [options] file ... directory

   -k   Attempt to get tickets for remote host; query krb_realmofhost to determine realm.

   -p   Preserve modification times and modes of the source files.

   -r   If any of the source files are directories, rcp copies each subtree rooted at that name.
        The destination must be a directory.

   -x   Turns on DES encryption for all data passed by rcp.

"Worms are now able to propagate much faster than humans can react to install patches. In short, the patch-and-pray model can't prevent massive-scale attacks from succeeding" ~ icir.org (2002)

Related linux commands

rsync - Remote file copy (Synchronize file trees).
Equivalent Windows command: ROBOCOPY - Robust File and Folder Copy.

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