Remove directory, this command will only work if the folders are empty.

      rmdir [options]... folder(s)...

                  Ignore each failure that is solely because the
                  directory is non-empty.

  -p, --parents   Remove explicit parent directories if being emptied

      --verbose   Output a diagnostic for every directory processed

      --help      Display help and exit

      --version   Output version information and exit


Remove the folder Harvey:

$ rmdir harvey

Before removing directories with a wildcard, it’s wise to list them all using ls -d first:

$ ls -d britney*/

“When you remove layers, simplicity and speed happen” ~ Ginni Rometty

Related Linux commands

find . -type d -empty -delete  - Delete all empty directories.
rm - Remove files (rm -rf will recursively remove folders and their contents).
ls -al - List information about files.
Equivalent Windows commands: RD - Delete folders or entire folder trees (DELTREE).

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