Print a checksum for a file.

'sum' is provided for compatibility; 'cksum' is preferable in new applications.

      sum [options]... [file]...


     Use the default (BSD compatible) algorithm.  This option is
     included for compatibility with the System V 'sum'.  Unless '-s'
     was also given, it has no effect.

     Compute checksums using an algorithm compatible with System V
     'sum''s default, and print file sizes in units of 512-byte blocks.

'sum' prints the checksum for each FILE followed by the number of blocks in the file (rounded up). If more than one FILE is given, file names are also printed (by default). (With the '--sysv' option, corresponding file name are printed when there is at least one file argument.)

By default, GNU 'sum' computes checksums using an algorithm compatible with BSD 'sum' and prints file sizes in units of 1024-byte blocks.

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cksum - Print CRC checksum and byte counts.
sha256sum - Compute and check SHA256 (256-bit) checksums.

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