How-to: Use a 'Here Document'

A here document is a block of text or code which is redirected to an interactive program or a command.

Command <<MyUniqueLimitString
some text
some more text

The above is equivalent to Command < tempfile.txt where the tempfile contains the text required.

The - option to mark a here document limit string (<<-LimitString) will suppress leading tabs (but not spaces) in the output. This can be useful in making a script more readable.


Pass multiple lines of text to cat

cat <<End-of-message
The quick brown fox
jumped over the lazy dog

To also write the text to a file, change cat to cat > $filename

Substituting values from a parameter makes it possible to alter the body of the here document:

cat <<End-of-msg
The quick brown fox $ACTION
jumped over the lazy dog

To disable parameter substitution put quotes around the limit string: <<"End-of-message"

Here documents can also be used to supply values to variables or functions.

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