Bash How-to guides and examples

Arguments Shell parameters.
Array variables  Array Variables.
Variables Local and Environment variables.
Functions Define Function Macros.
Permissions Allow or Deny actions.
Redirection Spooling to and from files.
Pipes Redirect the output from one command as input for another.

Looping constructs:

if-then-else  Conditionally perform a command
for Expand words, and execute commands
until Execute commands (until error)
while Execute commands
break Control loop execution.
continue Control loop execution.

Evaluating expressions:

Arithmetic expressions
Using brackets to Group and expand expressions
Conditional Execution commandA AND/OR commandB
Command Substitution
Escape Characters, delimiters and Quotes
File operators/Comparisions - exists, greater than,-a, -nt
Shell expansion { } $ ~ &{} $()
Wildcards Pattern matching

Working with the bash Shell:

Run script Run a bash shell script
Here documents  and Here Strings
Job Control Suspend and resume a process
Keyboard Cursor control - Cut & paste
.bashrc Startup files (Startup scripts and Aliases)
.inputrc Startup files (Set Key bindings and Tab completion)
Prompt Prompt variable
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vi editor vi commands
Xterm colours 256 Colors for the XTerm prompt (console)

The pronounciation for Linux is 'Lyn-ux' not 'Line-ux' Listen to Linus .

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