Describe a command, for each name, indicate how it would be interpreted if used as
a command name.

      type [-atp] [name ...]

   If the `-t' option is used, type prints a single word which is one of:
      `alias'    (shell alias)
      `function' (shell function)
      `builtin'  (shell builtin)
      `file'     (disk file)
      `keyword'  (shell reserved word) 

   If the `-p' option is used, type either returns the name of the disk file that 
   would be executed, or nothing if `-t' would not return `file'.
   If the `-a' option is used, type returns all of the places that contain an 
   executable named file. This includes aliases and functions, if and only if the 
   `-p' option is not also used.

The return status is zero if any of the names are found, non-zero otherwise.

type is a BASH builtin command.


 $ type -a grep
 grep is /usr/bin/grep
 $ type type
type is a shell builtin $ type lsl lsl is a function lsl () { ls -l $1 }

"In his errors a man is true to type. Observe the errors and you will know the man" ~ Analects


builtin - Run a shell builtin
function - Define Function Macros
whereis - Report all known instances of a command
which - Search the user's $path for a program file

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