Extract files from a rar archive.

      unrar command [-switch_1 -switch_N] archive [files...] [path...]

A summary of commands is below. Every command/switch must be separated by whitespace.

   e    Extract files to current directory. 
   l    List archive content. 
   p    Print file to stdout. 
   t    Test archive files. 
   v    Verbosely list archive. 
   x    Extract files with full path.


   -av-   Disable AV check. 
   -c-    Disable comments show. 
   -f     Freshen files. 
   -kb    Keep broken extracted files. 
   -ierr  Send all messages to stderr. 
   -inul  Disable all messages. 
   -o+    Overwrite existing files. 
   -o-    Do not overwrite existing files. 
   -ppassword  Set password. 
   -p-    Do not query password. 
   -r     Recurse subdirectories. 
   -u     Update files. 
   -v     List all volumes. 
   -xfile   Exclude specified file. 
   -x@list  Exclude files in specified list file. 
   -x@    Read file names to exclude from stdin. 
   -y     Assume Yes on all queries.

For a complete description, run unrar without options.


Extract the rar archive SS64.rar:

$ unrar e SS64.rar

List the content of a rar file without uncompressing it:

$ unrar l SS64.rar

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