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SS64 is a reference guide containing syntax and examples for the most prevalent computing commands (Database and Operating System).

The website is designed with performance as a priority; the aim is to return relevant pages as fast as a local help index.

If you still have questions or are struggling to get some command to do what you want, do visit the SS64 discussion forum, where you can browse the archives or sign up to ask a question.

Thanks to all the people who've sent suggestions and improvements - the site wouldn’t be what it is without your feedback. Even so; the information on this site will probably never be entirely complete or 100% error free, so please consider it an addition to rather than a replacement for the standard help/documentation.

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Other stuff:

Backus Naur Form - how to read the syntax diagrams.
Database pages
IT System Documentation Levels.
Microsoft Office - Examples and templates.
Microsoft Support Lifecycle - Key dates.
Monospaced fonts for coding and terminal use.
Password Security and a comparison of Password Generators.
256 pixel icons - A small zip file with 19 simple colorful Start-Menu .ico icons (Free/Public Domain).
JR Stockton's Date/Time pages
Windows Locale ID table
Website usability
youtube-dlp - Download video.
Links to other useful websites

There are copies of the whole website available on Archive.org which may be useful if you need to lookup an old command that's no longer in any current OS: https://web.archive.org/web/*/ss64.com

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