The 100 best music albums of all time.

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  Cannonball Adderley    Somethin' Else
  Fiona Apple            When the Pawn...
  BB King                Live at the Regal
  BB King                Live in Cook County Jail [R]
  Beatles                Hard Days Night
  Beatles                Sgt Pepper
  Captain Beefheart      Safe As Milk [R]
  Jorge Ben              Africa Brasil
  Blondie                Eat to the Beat [Bonus Tracks]
  Blur                   Parklife
  Beach Boys             Pet Sounds [R] Extra tracks
  David Bowie            Ziggy Stardust [Enhanced]
  David Bowie            Low
  David Bowie            Diamond Dogs [Enhanced]
  James Brown            Love Power Peace
  Dave Brubeck           Take 5
  Grant Lee Buffalo      Mighty Joe Moon
  Kate Bush              The Kick Inside
  Ray Charles            The Birth Of Soul
  Chemical Brothers      Surrender
  Clash                  Combat Rock
  John Coltrane          Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)
  Ry Cooder/Various      Buena Vista Social Club
  Cult                   Love
  Cure                   The Head on the Door
  Miles Davis            Kind of Blue
  Devo                   Are we not men
  DJ Shadow              Endtroducing
  Doors                  Strange Days
  Duran Duran            Rio [R]
  Ian Dury               New Boots and Panties [Extra Tracks]
  Bob Dylan              The Freewheelin
  Bob Dylan              Highway 61 Revisited
  Bob Dylan              John Wesley Harding
  Eels                   Beautiful Freak
  Elvis                  Golden Records
  Enya                   Watermark
  Eno                    Ambient 2
  Eno                    Here Come the Warm Jets
  Bill Evans             Moon Beams
  Ella Fitzgerald        The complete song books
  Fleetwood Mac          Rumours
  Aretha Franklin        Spirit in the Dark
  Free                   Fire and Water
  Pink Floyd             The Dark Side of the Moon
  Garbage                Version 2.0
  Garbarek/Brahem        Madar
  Marvin Gaye            What's Goin On [R]
  Getz/Gilberto          Getz~Gilberto
  Groove Armada          Vertigo
  George Harrison        All Things Must Pass [R]
  P J Harvey             White Chalk
  Isaac Hayes            Hot Buttered Soul
  Jimmy Hendrix          Electric Ladyland
  John Lee Hooker        The Legendary Modern Recordings
  Keith Jarrett          The Koln Concert
  Robert Johnson         The Complete Recordings
  Killing Joke           Nighttime
  Joy Division           Unknown Pleasures
  Dead Kennedys          Give Me Convenience..
  Carole King            Tapestry [R]
  The KLF                Chill Out
  Lenny Kravitz          Mama Said
  Led Zeppelin           How The West Was Won
  Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five
  Bob Marley             Burnin'
  Massive Attack         Protection 
  Meat loaf              Bat out of Hell[R]
  Joni Mitchell          Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
  Happy Mondays          Pills 'n' Thrills & Bellyaches
  Thelonious Monk        Criss Cross
  Morcheeba              Big Calm
  Van Morrison           Moondance
  My Bloody Valentine    Loveless
  New Order              Technique
  Nirvana                Nevermind
  Pavement               Crooked Rain
  Pixies                 Doolittle
  Iggy Pop/Stooges       Fun House
  Portishead             Dummy
  Psychedelic Furs       Forever Now[R]
  Prince                 Purple Rain
  Radiohead              The Bends
  Radiohead              OK Computer
  Lou Reed               Transformer
  Lou Reed & John Cale   Songs for Drella
  Otis Redding           The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul
  REM                    Murmer
  REM                    UP
  Rolling Stones         Beggars Banquet [SACD]
  Rolling Stones         Let It Bleed [SACD]
  Rolling Stones         Exile on Main Street
  Roxy Music             Roxy Music [R]
  Sex Pistols            Never Mind the Bollocks
  Frank Sinatra          Songs for Swingin' Lovers! [R]
  Frank Sinatra          A Jolly Christmas [R]
  Siouxsie & Banshees    Juju
  Roni Size              New Forms
  Sly & the Family Stone There's a Riot Goin' On
  Patti Smith            Horses
  The Smiths             The Queen is Dead
  Regina Spektor         Songs
  Sonic Youth            Daydream Nation
De La Soul 3 feet and Rising Dusty Springfield Dusty in Memphis Bruce Springsteen The Wild, the Innocent and... Squeeze Argybargy [Extra Tracks] Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts... Rod Stewart Every Picture Tells a Story The Stone Roses The Stone Roses Talking Heads Stop Making Sense [New Edition] Teenage Fanclub Grand Prix
Television Marquee Moon [R]
Travis The Man Who [Extra Tracks] Tricky Maxinquaye KT Tunstall Eye to the Telescope UB40 Signing Off U2 The Joshua Tree Undertones Undertones Velvet Underground Loaded Muddy Waters Hard Again The Who Who's Next [R] Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf Stevie Wonder Talking Book [R] Frank Zappa Hot Rats [R] [R] = Remastered

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Lennon: "No, he's not even the best drummer in the band."


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