Links to Microsoft Access Websites and Books


The Access Web MVPS.
Tony's Microsoft Access tips including Microsoft Access Performance FAQ
Allen Browne's Access tips
Access Ribbons - customise the new user ribbon interface.
Open Refine - Power tool for cleaning up and transforming messy data.
Q209207 - Command-line switches for MS Access.
Access Object Model Reference.

Recommended Books

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Access Cookbook Access Cookbook, 2nd Edition, Third Edition Aug 2002 by Ken Getz
Aimed at intermediate to advanced Access professional developers.

Access 2000 developer Access 2000 Developer's Handbook by Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Mike Gilbert.
The classic Developer's Handbook, Volume 1
This is a very old text for a computer book, but the basics of Access have not changed much so it is still recommended.


Office Resource Kit by Microsoft Corp 2003 | 2007 | 2013 (free download)
Access 2010 Runtime
Access 2010 Sp1 32 bit & 64 bit -
Access 2007 Runtime -
Access 2007 Developer Extensions -
Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable

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