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Man Pages

Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands - O`Reilly
GNU Bash Manual - gzip archives
ShellCheck - online tool to find bugs in shell scripts.
TCP and UDP port numbers - wikipedia

Tips, Tutorials and Documentation

Explain Shell - Enter an Ubuntu (bash) command-line to see the help text that matches each argument.
Shell Check - Find bugs in your shell scripts.

Greg Wooledge Bash Guide and FAQ
Bash Guide for beginners - Machtelt Garrels
commandlinefu - command-line gems
Documentation and Examples - bash cook book
Debian documentation
The Linix Documentation Project
The Linux Cookbook - Tips and Techniques.
JustLinux - Forum.
bash tips - Configure the bash terminal.
Bash pitfalls - GreyCat's wiki.
Google Shell Style guide - some short, sensible advice on coding style.
Hyperpolyglot - Comparison of bash vs cmd vs PowerShell.
IBM DeveloperWorks - Linux Technical library.
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - LSST
Unix/Linux/BSD Toolbox - Concise summary of commands.
Administration shell scripts - Dawid Michalczyk. - Advanced stuff.
Introduction to text manipulation on UNIX-based systems
LWN - Linux Weekly News
UbuntuForums - HowTo guides and forum
Introduction to the Ubuntu terminal

Recommended Books

SysAdmin handbook UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook 5th Edition, Aug 2017 by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein, Ben Whaley
The latest edition of the world’s best-selling UNIX system administration book has been made even better by adding coverage of the leading Linux distributions: Ubuntu, openSUSE, and RHEL.

linux nutshell Linux in a Nutshell 6th Edition, Sept 2009
A command reference for Linux, find the command syntax you need. Also UNIX in a Nutshell, Fourth edition (2008) by Arnold Robbins
the standard desktop reference. (it even inspired a spoof cover)

bash cookbook bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for bash Users O'Reilly Nov 2017 by Carl Albing,‎ JP Vossen
A substantial trove of tips and useful scripts, covers bash 3.2

Essesntial SysAdmin Essential System Administration, Third Edition Aug 2002 by Æleen Frisch
Describes Unix tools in the context of a system administrator's job. More than just covering syntax, tools and concepts, this book shows how to use administrative tools intelligently and efficiently.

Unix power tools UNIX Power Tools by Jerry D Peak, Tim O'Reilly et al
Useful tricks and techniques, each chapter describes the different ways of performing a task. e.g. the page on 'Wildcards' has 10 ways to select a group of files - only two of which involve the grep command. [Archive of shell scripts]
1200 pages

Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition (Paperback)
by Stephen Kochan, Patrick Wood
Detailed coverage of shell programming: regular expressions, the kernel and utilities.

OS Downloads

Bash downloads - Latest versions and patches.
Distrowatch - Compare major distributions - OSX clone
RedHat Linux (Red Hat)
Linux Mint - Multimedia out of the box - based on Debian/Ubuntu - xfce is a lightweight desktop, good for older hardware.
Novell linux
Open Suse Tumbleweed (rolling distribution) or Leap (stable release model)
Live CDs & Wikipedia Live CDs
Ubuntu & Gnome


st - simple terminal
rxvt-unicode (urxvt)
A comparison of Terminal emulators -

Apps & Utilities

Beyond grep - A grep-like tool, aimed at programmers.
AntiWord - Cross-platform MS Word reader.
Aptana - HTML and CSS editor (Dreamweaver replacement)
Asunder - Audio CD ripper and encoder for Linux
Audacity - CD Ripper, Sound editor
AutoFsck - Configure boot disc checks (Ubuntu)
cabextract - Free Software for extracting Microsoft cabinet files
Clonezilla - Partition and disk imaging/cloning program
CSV kit - Utilities for working with CSV files
Dar - Disk Archive/backup
Easy Tag - Tag editor for MP3, Ogg Vorbis files
Fanout - Run a command on multiple machines
Firewalls: Easy Firewall | Shoreline Firewall | GuardDog | Firestarter
GNU Parted | Partimage - partition managers
Gftp multithreaded ftp
HTML Tidy - Check and fix HTML and XML files.
htop - an interactive process viewer
i3 window manager
Inkscape - Vector Graphics (Illustrator)
ImageMagick - Edit/Convert bitmap images(PNG, JPEG, GIF) on the command line (scripts) - The CD/DVD Kreator
KNode newsreader - for K desktop
KVM - Virtualization software (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)
K3b - The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE
Micro - Terminal-based text editor that aims to be easy to use and intuitive.
MPlayer - DVD and media player
Network Monitoring Tools - SLAC
Pan - Newsreader
Partition Image - Ghost
PhotoRec - Data recovery software - hard disk, CD-ROM & Memory Cards - Utilities (Linux/BSD)
PDFtk - Command-line tool for processing PDFs
PostgreSQL - Database
Performance monitoring tools: dstat, htop, ifstat, iftop, sysstat
rDesktop - RDP client for Windows (Terminal Services) - Top 100 Network Security Tools
Shotcutapp - free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
SoX - Sound processing command line utility (Sourceforge link removed)
TeamViewer - Screen sharing/Remote control (Mac/PC/Linux)
Terminator - Gnome Terminal management
Textadept - cross-platform text editor.
thttpd - HTTP Web Server
VLC Media Player
Wink - Capture screenshots/video, add help text
Xfce - Lightweight window manager
xmms - Winamp clone
GNU FTP Sites - GNU programs and Manuals

Discussion & Newsgroups - Shell scripting
comp.os.linux - General linux
SS64 Discussion Forum

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