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All apps can be found on the App Store (iPhone/iPad) - Synth.

Authy - Two-Factor Authentication.

Convertible - Unit Converter.

Dark Sky - Weather app.

First Aid - American Red Cross.
First Aid - British Red Cross.
First aid for Cyclists - St Johns.

Flush toilet finder

Giki - Scan barcodes for environmental impact.

Google Maps - Maps.

Guitar / Tuning apps - Agile Partners.

iSH Shell - A Linux shell for iOS.

Lenka - Dedicated black & white camera app.

MapCode - Every location on Earth addressable by a short code.

Numerical - Calculator - Podcast player.

Pet First Aid - American Red Cross.

PhotoPills - Sunrise/set, Twilights, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, plus Calculators.

The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) helps plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It's a map-centric Sun, Moon and Milky Way calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Procreate - iPad drawing app.

Signal - Secure text messaging.

SoundCloud - Music streaming.

Wikipedia - Encyclopedia

App compatibility matrix of 7,000+ apps from

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