VBScript Websites and Books


Most of these resources are old or archived, but the VBScript language hasn't changed for a long time, so the content is still valid.
isVBScriptDead.com - Yes!
Microsoft VB Script language reference.
Guy Thomas - Tutorials.
vbs CheatSheet.pdf - Quick reminder and reference sheet from AddedBytes.com [Archive]
VBScript's Regular Expression Support
The Scripting Guys Forum - [closed] a mix of VBScript, Batch and PowerShell.
VBSEdit - Sample scripts.
Windows Script Host & MOM - How to run VBScript on remote machines using Microsoft Operations Manager (since replaced by SCOM).
SS64 VBScript Forum

Recommended Books:

VBScript (third edition) by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
A comprehensive overview of VBScript technology with sample code at every stage from beginner to advanced user. General syntax, functions, keywords, style, error handling and an expanded reference section.
Advanced coverage on Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI), remote scripting, database scripting, and more.

VBScript in a Nutshell by Paul Lomax
VBScript reference - for each statement, function, operator, and object, the book gives a quick description of the syntax, rules of its proper use and some examples.

Advanced VBScript for Microsoft Windows Administrators by Don Jones
Learn advanced VBScript techniques, including Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting, security scripting, remote scripting, database scripting, and scripting for Group Policy.

Automating Windows Administration by Stein Borge
An all round introduction to VBScript, how to script network configuration, hardware, event log, security and system information retrieval. Covers various Windows administration tasks with WMI and ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface).

VBS Edit - Programming editor specifically for VBScript

VBScript Reference Manual (PDF) from Indusoft.com

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