Windows Locales

A locale is neither a language nor a country, the same language may be spoken in multiple countries (often with subtle differences) and a single country may speak multiple languages. A locale is therefore an area where a particular language is spoken which may (or may not) align with geographical and/or political boundaries.

A locale also includes regional standards for date and time formatting, for example French-Canadians use a different date format to English-Canadians and both of those are different to the date format used in France.

In multi-lingual countries it is common for the same user to switch between languages many times a day.

In Windows CMD, to retrieve the current locale (short code) use:

For /f "tokens=3" %%G in ('Reg query "HKCU\Control Panel\International" /v LocaleName') Do Set _locale=%%G
Echo %_Locale% 

In PowerShell:

PS C:\> Get-WinSystemLocale

or to list all the installed language packs:
PS C:\> $os = Get-CIMInstance -computerName computer64 -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem
PS C:\> [CultureInfo[]]$os.MUILanguages

Locale short codes are based on ISO 639-1 language codes with an ISO 3166 country code appended as needed.

Locale description Short string Hexadecimal value Decimal value Start of Week
blank=Monday (ISO default)
Afar aa 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Afar (Djibouti) aa-DJ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Afar (Eritrea) aa-ER 0x1000 4096  
Afar (Ethiopia) aa-ET 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Afrikaans af 0x36 54 Sunday
Afrikaans (Namibia) af-NA 0x1000 4096  
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA 0x436 1078 Sunday
Aghem agq 0x1000 4096  
Aghem (Cameroon) agq-CM 0x1000 4096  
Akan ak 0x1000 4096  
Akan (Ghana) ak-GH 0x1000 4096  
Albanian sq 0x1C 28  
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL 0x41C 1052  
Albanian (Kosovo) sq-XK 0x1000 4096  
Albanian (Macedonia, FYRO) sq-MK 0x1000 4096  
Alsatian gsw 0x84 132  
Alsatian (France) gsw-FR 0x484 1156  
Alsatian (Liechtenstein) gsw-LI 0x1000 4096  
Alsatian (Switzerland) gsw-CH 0x1000 4096  
Amharic am 0x5E 94 Sunday
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET 0x45E 1118 Sunday
Arabic ar 0x1 1 Sunday
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ 0x1401 5121 Saturday
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH 0x3C01 15361 Saturday
Arabic (Chad) ar-TD 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Comoros) ar-KM 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Djibouti) ar-DJ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG 0xC01 3073 Saturday
Arabic (Eritrea) ar-ER 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ 0x801 2049 Saturday
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO 0x2C01 11265 Saturday
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW 0x3401 13313 Saturday
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB 0x3001 12289  
Arabic (Libya) ar-LY 0x1001 4097 Saturday
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA 0x1801 6145  
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM 0x2001 8193 Sunday
Arabic (Palestinian Authority) ar-PS 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA 0x4001 16385 Saturday
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA 0x401 1025 Sunday
Arabic (Somalia) ar-SO 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (South Sudan) ar-SS 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Sudan) ar-SD 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Arabic (Syria) ar-SY 0x2801 10241 Saturday
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN 0x1C01 7169  
Arabic (U.A.E.) ar-AE 0x3801 14337 Saturday
Arabic (World) ar-001 0x1000 4096  
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE 0x2401 9217 Saturday
Armenian hy 0x2B 43  
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM 0x42B 1067  
Assamese as 0x4D 77  
Assamese (India) as-IN 0x44D 1101  
Asturian ast 0x1000 4096  
Asturian (Spain) ast-ES 0x1000 4096  
Asu asa 0x1000 4096  
Asu (Tanzania) asa-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Azerbaijani az 0x2C 44  
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) az-Cyrl 0x742C 29740  
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan) az-Cyrl-AZ 0x82C 2092  
Azerbaijani (Latin) az-Latn 0x782C 30764  
Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan) az-Latn-AZ 0x42C 1068  
Bafia ksf 0x1000 4096  
Bafia (Cameroon) ksf-CM 0x1000 4096  
Bambara bm 0x1000 4096  
Bambara (Latin) bm-Latn 0x1000 4096  
Bambara (Latin, Mali) bm-Latn-ML 0x1000 4096  
Bangla bn 0x45 69 Sunday
Bangla (Bangladesh) bn-BD 0x845 2117 Sunday
Bangla (India) bn-IN 0x445 1093  
Basaa bas 0x1000 4096  
Basaa (Cameroon) bas-CM 0x1000 4096  
Bashkir ba 0x6D 109  
Bashkir (Russia) ba-RU 0x46D 1133  
Basque eu 0x2D 45  
Basque (Basque) eu-ES 0x42D 1069  
Belarusian be 0x23 35  
Belarusian (Belarus) be-BY 0x423 1059  
Bemba bem 0x1000 4096  
Bemba (Zambia) bem-ZM 0x1000 4096  
Bena bez 0x1000 4096  
Bena (Tanzania) bez-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Blin byn 0x1000 4096  
Blin (Eritrea) byn-ER 0x1000 4096  
Bodo brx 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Bodo (India) brx-IN 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Bosnian bs 0x781A 30746  
Bosnian (Cyrillic) bs-Cyrl 0x641A 25626  
Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-Cyrl-BA 0x201A 8218  
Bosnian (Latin) bs-Latn 0x681A 26650  
Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-Latn-BA 0x141A 5146  
Breton br 0x7E 126  
Breton (France) br-FR 0x47E 1150  
Bulgarian bg 0x2 2  
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG 0x402 1026  
Burmese my 0x55 85 Sunday
Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM 0x455 1109 Sunday
Catalan ca 0x3 3  
Catalan (Andorra) ca-AD 0x1000 4096  
Catalan (Catalan) ca-ES 0x403 1027  
Catalan (France) ca-FR 0x1000 4096  
Catalan (Italy) ca-IT 0x1000 4096  
Central Atlas Tamazight (Arabic) tzm-Arab 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Central Atlas Tamazight (Arabic, Morocco) tzm-Arab-MA 0x45F 1119 Saturday
Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin, Morocco) tzm-Latn-MA 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Central Atlas Tamazight (Tifinagh, Morocco) tzm-Tfng-MA 0x105F 4191 Saturday
Central Kurdish ku 0x92 146 Sunday
Central Kurdish (Arabic) ku-Arab 0x7C92 31890  
Central Kurdish (Iraq) ku-Arab-IQ 0x492 1170 Sunday
Chechen ce 0x1000 4096  
Chechen (Russia) ce-RU 0x1000 4096  
Cherokee chr 0x5C 92 Sunday
Cherokee (Cherokee) chr-Cher-US 0x45C 1116 Sunday
Cherokee (Cherokee) chr-Cher 0x7C5C 31836 Sunday
Chiga cgg 0x1000 4096  
Chiga (Uganda) cgg-UG 0x1000 4096  
Chinese zh 0x7804 30724  
Chinese (Simplified Han, Hong Kong SAR) zh-Hans-HK 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Chinese (Simplified Han, Macao SAR) zh-Hans-MO 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans 0x4 4  
Chinese (Simplified) Legacy zh-Hans 0x4 4  
Chinese (Simplified, PRC) zh-CN 0x804 2052  
Chinese (Simplified, Singapore) zh-SG 0x1004 4100 Sunday
Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant 0x7C04 31748 Sunday
Chinese (Traditional) Legacy zh-Hant 0x7C04 31748 Sunday
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) zh-HK 0xC04 3076 Sunday
Chinese (Traditional, Macao S.A.R.) zh-MO 0x1404 5124 Sunday
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-TW 0x404 1028 Sunday
Church Slavic cu 0x1000 4096  
Church Slavic (Russia) cu-RU 0x1000 4096  
Colognian ksh 0x1000 4096  
Cornish kw 0x1000 4096  
Cornish (United Kingdom) kw-GB 0x1000 4096  
Corsican co 0x83 131  
Corsican (France) co-FR 0x483 1155  
Croatian hr 0x1A 26  
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR 0x41A 1050  
Croatian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) hr-BA 0x101A 4122  
Czech cs 0x5 5  
Czech (Czechia / Czech Republic) cs-CZ 0x405 1029  
Danish da 0x6 6  
Danish (Denmark) da-DK 0x406 1030  
Danish (Greenland) da-GL 0x1000 4096  
Dari prs 0x8C 140 Saturday
Dari (Afghanistan) prs-AF 0x48C 1164 Saturday
Divehi dv 0x65 101 Sunday
Divehi (Maldives) dv-MV 0x465 1125 Sunday
Duala dua 0x1000 4096  
Duala (Cameroon) dua-CM 0x1000 4096  
Dutch nl 0x13 19  
Dutch (Aruba) nl-AW 0x1000 4096  
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE 0x813 2067  
Dutch (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) nl-BQ 0x1000 4096  
Dutch (Curaçao) nl-CW 0x1000 4096  
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL 0x413 1043  
Dutch (Sint Maarten) nl-SX 0x1000 4096  
Dutch (Suriname) nl-SR 0x1000 4096  
Dzongkha dz 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Dzongkha (Bhutan) dz-BT 0xC51 3153 Sunday
Edo bin 0x66 102 Sunday
Edo (Nigeria) bin-NG 0x466 1126 Sunday
Embu ebu 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Embu (Kenya) ebu-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English en 0x9 9  
English (American Samoa) en-AS 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Anguilla) en-AI 0x1000 4096  
English (Antigua and Barbuda) en-AG 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Australia) en-AU 0xC09 3081  
English (Austria) en-AT 0x1000 4096  
English (Bahamas) en-BS 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Barbados) en-BB 0x1000 4096  
English (Belgium) en-BE 0x1000 4096  
English (Belize) en-BZ 0x2809 10249 Sunday
English (Bermuda) en-BM 0x1000 4096  
English (Botswana) en-BW 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (British Indian Ocean Territory) en-IO 0x1000 4096  
English (British Virgin Islands) en-VG 0x1000 4096  
English (Burundi) en-BI 0x1000 4096  
English (Cameroon) en-CM 0x1000 4096  
English (Canada) en-CA 0x1009 4105 Sunday
English (Caribbean) en-029 0x2409 9225  
English (Cayman Islands) en-KY 0x1000 4096  
English (Christmas Island) en-CX 0x1000 4096  
English (Cocos [Keeling] Islands) en-CC 0x1000 4096  
English (Cook Islands) en-CK 0x1000 4096  
English (Cyprus) en-CY 0x1000 4096  
English (Denmark) en-DK 0x1000 4096  
English (Dominica) en-DM 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Eritrea) en-ER 0x1000 4096  
English (Europe) en-150 0x1000 4096  
English (Falkland Islands) en-FK 0x1000 4096  
English (Fiji) en-FJ 0x1000 4096  
English (Finland) en-FI 0x1000 4096  
English (Gambia) en-GM 0x1000 4096  
English (Germany) en-DE 0x1000 4096  
English (Ghana) en-GH 0x1000 4096  
English (Gibraltar) en-GI 0x1000 4096  
English (Grenada) en-GD 0x1000 4096  
English (Guam) en-GU 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Guernsey) en-GG 0x1000 4096  
English (Guyana) en-GY 0x1000 4096  
English (Hong Kong SAR) en-HK 0x3C09 15369 Sunday
English (India) en-IN 0x4009 16393  
English (Indonesia) en-ID 0x3809 14345 Sunday
English (Ireland) en-IE 0x1809 6153 Sunday
English (Isle of Man) en-IM 0x1000 4096  
English (Israel) en-IL 0x1000 4096  
English (Jamaica) en-JM 0x2009 8201 Sunday
English (Jersey) en-JE 0x1000 4096  
English (Kenya) en-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Kiribati) en-KI 0x1000 4096  
English (Lesotho) en-LS 0x1000 4096  
English (Liberia) en-LR 0x1000 4096  
English (Macao SAR) en-MO 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Madagascar) en-MG 0x1000 4096  
English (Malawi) en-MW 0x1000 4096  
English (Malaysia) en-MY 0x4409 17417 Sunday
English (Malta) en-MT 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Marshall Islands) en-MH 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Mauritius) en-MU 0x1000 4096  
English (Micronesia) en-FM 0x1000 4096  
English (Montserrat) en-MS 0x1000 4096  
English (Namibia) en-NA 0x1000 4096  
English (Nauru) en-NR 0x1000 4096  
English (Netherlands) en-NL 0x1000 4096  
English (New Zealand) en-NZ 0x1409 5129 Sunday
English (Nigeria) en-NG 0x1000 4096  
English (Niue) en-NU 0x1000 4096  
English (Norfolk Island) en-NF 0x1000 4096  
English (Northern Mariana Islands) en-MP 0x1000 4096  
English (Pakistan) en-PK 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Palau) en-PW 0x1000 4096  
English (Papua New Guinea) en-PG 0x1000 4096  
English (Pitcairn Islands) en-PN 0x1000 4096  
English (Puerto Rico) en-PR 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Philippines) en-PH 0x3409 13321 Sunday
English (Rwanda) en-RW 0x1000 4096  
English (Saint Kitts and Nevis) en-KN 0x1000 4096  
English (Saint Lucia) en-LC 0x1000 4096  
English (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) en-VC 0x1000 4096  
English (Samoa) en-WS 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Seychelles) en-SC 0x1000 4096  
English (Sierra Leone) en-SL 0x1000 4096  
English (Singapore) en-SG 0x4809 18441 Sunday
English (Sint Maarten) en-SX 0x1000 4096  
English (Slovenia) en-SI 0x1000 4096  
English (Solomon Islands) en-SB 0x1000 4096  
English (South Africa) en-ZA 0x1C09 7177 Sunday
English (South Sudan) en-SS 0x1000 4096  
English (St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha) en-SH 0x1000 4096  
English (Sudan) en-SD 0x1000 4096 Saturday
English (Swaziland) en-SZ 0x1000 4096  
English (Sweden) en-SE 0x1000 4096  
English (Switzerland) en-CH 0x1000 4096  
English (Tanzania) en-TZ 0x1000 4096  
English (Tokelau) en-TK 0x1000 4096  
English (Tonga) en-TO 0x1000 4096  
English (Trinidad and Tobago) en-TT 0x2C09 11273 Sunday
English (Turks and Caicos Islands) en-TC 0x1000 4096  
English (Tuvalu) en-TV 0x1000 4096  
English (Uganda) en-UG 0x1000 4096  
English (United Kingdom) en-GB 0x809 2057  
English (United States) en-US 0x409 1033 Sunday
English (US Minor Outlying Islands) en-UM 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (US Virgin Islands) en-VI 0x1000 4096 Sunday
English (Vanuatu) en-VU 0x1000 4096  
English (World) en-001 0x1000 4096  
English (Zambia) en-ZM 0x1000 4096  
English (Zimbabwe) en-ZW 0x3009 12297 Sunday
Esperanto eo 0x1000 4096  
Esperanto (World) eo-001 0x1000 4096  
Estonian et 0x25 37  
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE 0x425 1061  
Ewe ee 0x1000 4096  
Ewe (Ghana) ee-GH 0x1000 4096  
Ewe (Togo) ee-TG 0x1000 4096  
Ewondo ewo 0x1000 4096  
Ewondo (Cameroon) ewo-CM 0x1000 4096  
Faroese fo 0x38 56  
Faroese (Denmark) fo-DK 0x1000 4096  
Faroese (Faroe Islands) fo-FO 0x438 1080  
Filipino fil 0x64 100 Sunday
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH 0x464 1124 Sunday
Finnish fi 0xB 11  
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI 0x40B 1035  
French fr 0xC 12  
French (Algeria) fr-DZ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
French (Belgium) fr-BE 0x80C 2060  
French (Benin) fr-BJ 0x1000 4096  
French (Burkina Faso) fr-BF 0x1000 4096  
French (Burundi) fr-BI 0x1000 4096  
French (Cameroon) fr-CM 0x2C0C 11276  
French (Canada) fr-CA 0xC0C 3084 Sunday
French (Caribbean) fr-029 0x1C0C 7180  
French (Central African Republic) fr-CF 0x1000 4096  
French (Chad) fr-TD 0x1000 4096  
French (Comoros) fr-KM 0x1000 4096  
French (Congo DRC) fr-CD 0x240C 9228  
French (Congo) fr-CG 0x1000 4096  
French (Côte d’Ivoire) fr-CI 0x300C 12300  
French (Djibouti) fr-DJ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
French (Equatorial Guinea) fr-GQ 0x1000 4096  
French (France) fr-FR 0x40C 1036  
French (French Guiana) fr-GF 0x1000 4096  
French (French Polynesia) fr-PF 0x1000 4096  
French (Gabon) fr-GA 0x1000 4096  
French (Guadeloupe) fr-GP 0x1000 4096  
French (Guinea) fr-GN 0x1000 4096  
French (Haiti) fr-HT 0x3C0C 15372  
French (Luxembourg) fr-LU 0x140C 5132  
French (Madagascar) fr-MG 0x1000 4096  
French (Mali) fr-ML 0x340C 13324  
French (Martinique) fr-MQ 0x1000 4096  
French (Mauritania) fr-MR 0x1000 4096  
French (Mauritius) fr-MU 0x1000 4096  
French (Mayotte) fr-YT 0x1000 4096  
French (Monaco) fr-MC 0x180C 6156  
French (Morocco) fr-MA 0x380C 14348 Saturday
French (New Caledonia) fr-NC 0x1000 4096  
French (Niger) fr-NE 0x1000 4096  
French (Reunion) fr-RE 0x200C 8204  
French (Rwanda) fr-RW 0x1000 4096  
French (Saint Barthélemy) fr-BL 0x1000 4096  
French (Saint Martin) fr-MF 0x1000 4096  
French (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) fr-PM 0x1000 4096  
French (Senegal) fr-SN 0x280C 10252  
French (Seychelles) fr-SC 0x1000 4096  
French (Switzerland) fr-CH 0x100C 4108  
French (Syria) fr-SY 0x1000 4096 Saturday
French (Togo) fr-TG 0x1000 4096  
French (Tunisia) fr-TN 0x1000 4096 Sunday
French (Vanuatu) fr-VU 0x1000 4096  
French (Wallis and Futuna) fr-WF 0x1000 4096  
Frisian fy 0x62 98  
Frisian (Netherlands) fy-NL 0x462 1122  
Friulian fur 0x1000 4096  
Friulian (Italy) fur-IT 0x1000 4096  
Fulah ff 0x67 103  
Fulah (Cameroon) ff-CM 0x1000 4096  
Fulah (Guinea) ff-GN 0x1000 4096  
Fulah (Latin) ff-Latn 0x7C67 31847  
Fulah (Latin, Senegal) ff-Latn-SN 0x867 2151  
Fulah (Mauritania) ff-MR 0x1000 4096  
Fulah (Nigeria) ff-NG 0x467 1127 Sunday
Galician gl 0x56 86  
Galician (Galician) gl-ES 0x456 1110  
Ganda lg 0x1000 4096  
Ganda (Uganda) lg-UG 0x1000 4096  
Georgian ka 0x37 55  
Georgian (Georgia) ka-GE 0x437 1079  
German de 0x7 7  
German (Austria) de-AT 0xC07 3079  
German (Belgium) de-BE 0x1000 4096  
German (Germany) de-DE 0x407 1031  
German (Italy) de-IT 0x1000 4096  
German (Liechtenstein) de-LI 0x1407 5127  
German (Luxembourg) de-LU 0x1007 4103  
German (Switzerland) de-CH 0x807 2055  
Greek el 0x8 8  
Greek (Cyprus) el-CY 0x1000 4096  
Greek (Greece) el-GR 0x408 1032  
Greenlandic kl 0x6F 111  
Greenlandic (Greenland) kl-GL 0x46F 1135  
Guarani gn 0x74 116 Sunday
Guarani (Paraguay) gn-PY 0x474 1140 Sunday
Gujarati gu 0x47 71  
Gujarati (India) gu-IN 0x447 1095  
Gusii guz 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Gusii (Kenya) guz-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Hausa ha 0x68 104  
Hausa (Latin) ha-Latn 0x7C68 31848  
Hausa (Latin, Ghana) ha-Latn-GH 0x1000 4096  
Hausa (Latin, Niger) ha-Latn-NE 0x1000 4096  
Hausa (Latin, Nigeria) ha-Latn-NG 0x468 1128  
Hawaiian haw 0x75 117 Sunday
Hawaiian (United States) haw-US 0x475 1141 Sunday
Hebrew he 0xD 13 Sunday
Hebrew (Israel) he-IL 0x40D 1037 Sunday
Hindi hi 0x39 57  
Hindi (India) hi-IN 0x439 1081  
Hungarian hu 0xE 14  
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU 0x40E 1038  
Ibibio ibb 0x69 105 Sunday
Ibibio (Nigeria) ibb-NG 0x469 1129 Sunday
Icelandic is 0xF 15  
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS 0x40F 1039  
Igbo ig 0x70 112  
Igbo (Nigeria) ig-NG 0x470 1136  
Indonesian id 0x21 33 Sunday
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID 0x421 1057 Sunday
Interlingua ia 0x1000 4096  
Interlingua (France) ia-FR 0x1000 4096  
Interlingua (World) ia-001 0x1000 4096  
Inuktitut iu 0x5D 93 Sunday
Inuktitut (Latin) iu-Latn 0x7C5D 31837 Sunday
Inuktitut (Latin, Canada) iu-Latn-CA 0x85D 2141 Sunday
Inuktitut (Syllabics) iu-Cans 0x785D 30813 Sunday
Inuktitut (Syllabics, Canada) iu-Cans-CA 0x45D 1117 Sunday
Invariant Language (Invariant Country) 0x7F 127  
Irish ga 0x3C 60 Sunday
Irish (Ireland) ga-IE 0x83C 2108 Sunday
isiXhosa xh 0x34 52 Sunday
isiXhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA 0x434 1076 Sunday
isiZulu zu 0x35 53 Sunday
isiZulu (South Africa) zu-ZA 0x435 1077 Sunday
Italian it 0x10 16  
Italian (Italy) it-IT 0x410 1040  
Italian (San Marino) it-SM 0x1000 4096  
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH 0x810 2064  
Italian (Vatican City) it-VA 0x1000 4096  
Japanese ja 0x11 17 Sunday
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP 0x411 1041 Sunday
Javanese jv-Latn 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Javanese jv 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Javanese (Indonesia) jv-Latn-ID 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Javanese (Javanese) jv-Java 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Javanese (Javanese, Indonesia) jv-Java-ID 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Jola-Fonyi dyo 0x1000 4096  
Jola-Fonyi (Senegal) dyo-SN 0x1000 4096  
Kabuverdianu kea 0x1000 4096  
Kabuverdianu (Cabo Verde) kea-CV 0x1000 4096  
Kabyle kab 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Kabyle (Algeria) kab-DZ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Kako kkj 0x1000 4096  
Kako (Cameroon) kkj-CM 0x1000 4096  
Kalenjin kln 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kalenjin (Kenya) kln-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kamba kam 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kamba (Kenya) kam-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kannada kn 0x4B 75  
Kannada (India) kn-IN 0x44B 1099  
Kanuri kr 0x71 113 Sunday
Kanuri (Nigeria) kr-NG 0x471 1137 Sunday
Kashmiri ks 0x60 96  
Kashmiri (Devanagari) ks-Deva 0x1000 4096  
Kashmiri (Devanagari, India) ks-Deva-IN 0x860 2144  
Kashmiri (Perso-Arabic) ks-Arab 0x460 1120 Sunday
Kashmiri (Perso-Arabic) ks-Arab-IN 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kazakh kk 0x3F 63  
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-KZ 0x43F 1087  
Khmer km 0x53 83 Sunday
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH 0x453 1107 Sunday
K'iche' quc-Latn 0x7C86 31878  
K'iche' quc 0x86 134  
K'iche' (Guatemala) quc-Latn-GT 0x486 1158  
Kikuyu ki 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kikuyu (Kenya) ki-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Kinyarwanda rw 0x87 135  
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW 0x487 1159  
Kiswahili sw 0x41 65 Sunday
Kiswahili (Congo DRC) sw-CD 0x1000 4096  
Kiswahili (Kenya) sw-KE 0x441 1089 Sunday
Kiswahili (Tanzania) sw-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Kiswahili (Uganda) sw-UG 0x1000 4096  
Konkani kok 0x57 87  
Konkani (India) kok-IN 0x457 1111  
Korean ko 0x12 18 Sunday
Korean (Korea) ko-KR 0x412 1042 Sunday
Korean (North Korea) ko-KP 0x1000 4096  
Koyra Chiini khq 0x1000 4096  
Koyra Chiini (Mali) khq-ML 0x1000 4096  
Koyraboro Senni ses 0x1000 4096  
Koyraboro Senni (Mali) ses-ML 0x1000 4096  
Kurdish (Perso-Arabic, Iran) ku-Arab-IR 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Kwasio nmg 0x1000 4096  
Kwasio (Cameroon) nmg-CM 0x1000 4096  
Kyrgyz ky 0x40 64  
Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) ky-KG 0x440 1088  
Lakota lkt 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Lakota (United States) lkt-US 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Langi lag 0x1000 4096  
Langi (Tanzania) lag-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Lao lo 0x54 84 Sunday
Lao (Lao P.D.R.) lo-LA 0x454 1108 Sunday
Latin la 0x76 118 Sunday
Latin (World) la-001 0x476 1142 Sunday
Latvian lv 0x26 38  
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV 0x426 1062  
Lingala ln 0x1000 4096  
Lingala (Angola) ln-AO 0x1000 4096  
Lingala (Central African Republic) ln-CF 0x1000 4096  
Lingala (Congo DRC) ln-CD 0x1000 4096  
Lingala (Congo) ln-CG 0x1000 4096  
Lithuanian lt 0x27 39  
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT 0x427 1063  
Low German nds 0x1000 4096  
Low German (Germany) nds-DE 0x1000 4096  
Low German (Netherlands) nds-NL 0x1000 4096  
Lower Sorbian dsb 0x7C2E 31790  
Lower Sorbian (Germany) dsb-DE 0x82E 2094  
Luba-Katanga lu 0x1000 4096  
Luba-Katanga (Congo DRC) lu-CD 0x1000 4096  
Luo luo 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Luo (Kenya) luo-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Luxembourgish lb 0x6E 110  
Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) lb-LU 0x46E 1134  
Luyia luy 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Luyia (Kenya) luy-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) mk-MK 0x42F 1071  
Macedonian (FYROM) mk 0x2F 47  
Machame jmc 0x1000 4096  
Machame (Tanzania) jmc-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Makhuwa-Meetto mgh 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Makhuwa-Meetto (Mozambique) mgh-MZ 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Makonde kde 0x1000 4096  
Makonde (Tanzania) kde-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Malagasy mg 0x1000 4096  
Malagasy (Madagascar) mg-MG 0x1000 4096  
Malay ms 0x3E 62  
Malay (Brunei Darussalam) ms-BN 0x83E 2110  
Malay (Latin, Singapore) ms-SG 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY 0x43E 1086  
Malayalam ml 0x4C 76 Sunday
Malayalam (India) ml-IN 0x44C 1100 Sunday
Maltese mt 0x3A 58 Sunday
Maltese (Malta) mt-MT 0x43A 1082 Sunday
Manipuri mni 0x58 88  
Manipuri (India) mni-IN 0x458 1112  
Manx gv 0x1000 4096  
Manx (Isle of Man) gv-IM 0x1000 4096  
Maori mi 0x81 129  
Maori (New Zealand) mi-NZ 0x481 1153  
Mapudungun arn 0x7A 122 Sunday
Mapudungun (Chile) arn-CL 0x47A 1146 Sunday
Marathi mr 0x4E 78  
Marathi (India) mr-IN 0x44E 1102  
Masai mas 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Masai (Kenya) mas-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Masai (Tanzania) mas-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Mazanderani mzn 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Mazanderani (Iran) mzn-IR 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Meru mer 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Meru (Kenya) mer-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Meta' mgo 0x1000 4096  
Meta' (Cameroon) mgo-CM 0x1000 4096  
Mohawk moh 0x7C 124 Sunday
Mohawk (Mohawk) moh-CA 0x47C 1148 Sunday
Mongolian mn 0x50 80  
Mongolian (Cyrillic) mn-Cyrl 0x7850 30800  
Mongolian (Cyrillic, Mongolia) mn-MN 0x450 1104  
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian) mn-Mong 0x7C50 31824  
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, Mongolia) mn-Mong-MN 0xC50 3152  
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, PRC) mn-Mong-CN 0x850 2128  
Morisyen mfe 0x1000 4096  
Morisyen (Mauritius) mfe-MU 0x1000 4096  
Mundang mua 0x1000 4096  
Mundang (Cameroon) mua-CM 0x1000 4096  
Nama naq 0x1000 4096  
Nama (Namibia) naq-NA 0x1000 4096  
Nepali ne 0x61 97 Sunday
Nepali (India) ne-IN 0x861 2145 Sunday
Nepali (Nepal) ne-NP 0x461 1121 Sunday
Ngiemboon nnh 0x1000 4096  
Ngiemboon (Cameroon) nnh-CM 0x1000 4096  
Ngomba jgo 0x1000 4096  
Ngomba (Cameroon) jgo-CM 0x1000 4096  
N'ko nqo 0x1000 4096 Saturday
N'ko (Guinea) nqo-GN 0x1000 4096 Saturday
North Ndebele nd 0x1000 4096 Sunday
North Ndebele (Zimbabwe) nd-ZW 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Northern Luri lrc 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Northern Luri (Iran) lrc-IR 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Northern Luri (Iraq) lrc-IQ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Norwegian no 0x14 20  
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb 0x7C14 31764  
Norwegian (Nynorsk) nn 0x7814 30740  
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway) nb-NO 0x414 1044  
Norwegian, Bokmål (Svalbard and Jan Mayen) nb-SJ 0x1000 4096  
Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway) nn-NO 0x814 2068  
Nuer nus 0x1000 4096  
Nuer (South Sudan) nus-SS 0x1000 4096  
Nyankole nyn 0x1000 4096  
Nyankole (Uganda) nyn-UG 0x1000 4096  
Occitan oc 0x82 130  
Occitan (France) oc-FR 0x482 1154  
Odia or 0x48 72  
Odia (India) or-IN 0x448 1096  
Oromo om 0x72 114 Sunday
Oromo (Ethiopia) om-ET 0x472 1138 Sunday
Oromo (Kenya) om-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Ossetian (Cyrillic, Georgia) os-GE 0x1000 4096  
Ossetian (Cyrillic, Russia) os-RU 0x1000 4096  
Ossetic os 0x1000 4096  
Papiamento pap 0x79 121  
Papiamento (Caribbean) pap-029 0x479 1145  
Pashto ps 0x63 99 Saturday
Pashto (Afghanistan) ps-AF 0x463 1123 Saturday
Persian fa 0x29 41 Saturday
Persian (Iran) fa-IR 0x429 1065 Saturday
Polish pl 0x15 21  
Polish (Poland) pl-PL 0x415 1045  
Portuguese pt 0x16 22 Sunday
Portuguese (Angola) pt-AO 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR 0x416 1046 Sunday
Portuguese (Cabo Verde) pt-CV 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Equatorial Guinea) pt-GQ 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau) pt-GW 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Luxembourg) pt-LU 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Macao SAR) pt-MO 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Portuguese (Mozambique) pt-MZ 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT 0x816 2070 Sunday
Portuguese (São Tomé and Príncipe) pt-ST 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Switzerland) pt-CH 0x1000 4096  
Portuguese (Timor-Leste) pt-TL 0x1000 4096  
Prussian prg 0x1000 4096  
Prussian (World) prg-001 0x1000 4096  
Punjabi pa 0x46 70  
Punjabi (Arabic) pa-Arab 0x7C46 31814  
Punjabi (India) pa-IN 0x446 1094  
Punjabi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) pa-Arab-PK 0x846 2118  
Quechua quz 0x6B 107 Sunday
Quechua (Bolivia) quz-BO 0x46B 1131 Sunday
Quechua (Ecuador) quz-EC 0x86B 2155 Sunday
Quechua (Peru) quz-PE 0xC6B 3179  
Ripuarian (Germany) ksh-DE 0x1000 4096  
Romanian ro 0x18 24  
Romanian (Moldova) ro-MD 0x818 2072  
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO 0x418 1048  
Romansh rm 0x17 23  
Romansh (Switzerland) rm-CH 0x417 1047  
Rombo rof 0x1000 4096  
Rombo (Tanzania) rof-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Rundi rn 0x1000 4096  
Rundi (Burundi) rn-BI 0x1000 4096  
Russian ru 0x19 25  
Russian (Belarus) ru-BY 0x1000 4096  
Russian (Kazakhstan) ru-KZ 0x1000 4096  
Russian (Kyrgyzstan) ru-KG 0x1000 4096  
Russian (Moldova) ru-MD 0x819 2073  
Russian (Russia) ru-RU 0x419 1049  
Russian (Ukraine) ru-UA 0x1000 4096  
Rwa rwk 0x1000 4096  
Rwa (Tanzania) rwk-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Saho ssy 0x1000 4096  
Saho (Eritrea) ssy-ER 0x1000 4096  
Sakha sah 0x85 133  
Sakha (Russia) sah-RU 0x485 1157  
Samburu saq 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Samburu (Kenya) saq-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Sami (Inari) smn 0x703B 28731  
Sami (Lule) smj 0x7C3B 31803  
Sami (Northern) se 0x3B 59  
Sami (Skolt) sms 0x743B 29755  
Sami (Southern) sma 0x783B 30779  
Sami, Inari (Finland) smn-FI 0x243B 9275  
Sami, Lule (Norway) smj-NO 0x103B 4155  
Sami, Lule (Sweden) smj-SE 0x143B 5179  
Sami, Northern (Finland) se-FI 0xC3B 3131  
Sami, Northern (Norway) se-NO 0x43B 1083  
Sami, Northern (Sweden) se-SE 0x83B 2107  
Sami, Skolt (Finland) sms-FI 0x203B 8251  
Sami, Southern (Norway) sma-NO 0x183B 6203  
Sami, Southern (Sweden) sma-SE 0x1C3B 7227  
Sango sg 0x1000 4096  
Sango (Central African Republic) sg-CF 0x1000 4096  
Sangu sbp 0x1000 4096  
Sangu (Tanzania) sbp-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Sanskrit sa 0x4F 79 Sunday
Sanskrit (India) sa-IN 0x44F 1103 Sunday
Scottish Gaelic gd 0x91 145  
Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) gd-GB 0x491 1169  
Sena seh 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Sena (Mozambique) seh-MZ 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Serbian sr 0x7C1A 31770  
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-Cyrl 0x6C1A 27674  
Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-Cyrl-BA 0x1C1A 7194  
Serbian (Cyrillic, Kosovo) sr-Cyrl-XK 0x1000 4096  
Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro) sr-Cyrl-ME 0x301A 12314  
Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia) sr-Cyrl-RS 0x281A 10266  
Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn 0x701A 28698  
Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-Latn-BA 0x181A 6170  
Serbian (Latin, Kosovo) sr-Latn-XK 0x1000 4096  
Serbian (Latin, Montenegro) sr-Latn-ME 0x2C1A 11290  
Serbian (Latin, Serbia) sr-Latn-RS 0x241A 9242  
Sesotho (Lesotho) st-LS 0x1000 4096  
Sesotho sa Leboa nso 0x6C 108 Sunday
Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa) nso-ZA 0x46C 1132 Sunday
Setswana tn 0x32 50 Sunday
Setswana (Botswana) tn-BW 0x832 2098 Sunday
Setswana (South Africa) tn-ZA 0x432 1074 Sunday
Shambala ksb 0x1000 4096  
Shambala (Tanzania) ksb-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Shona sn 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Shona (Latin) sn-Latn 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Shona (Latin, Zimbabwe) sn-Latn-ZW 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Sindhi sd 0x59 89  
Sindhi (Arabic) sd-Arab 0x7C59 31833  
Sindhi (Devanagari) sd-Deva 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Sindhi (Devanagari, India) sd-Deva-IN 0x459 1113 Sunday
Sindhi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) sd-Arab-PK 0x859 2137  
Sinhala si 0x5B 91  
Sinhala (Sri Lanka) si-LK 0x45B 1115  
Slovak sk 0x1B 27  
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK 0x41B 1051  
Slovenian sl 0x24 36  
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI 0x424 1060  
Soga xog 0x1000 4096  
Soga (Uganda) xog-UG 0x1000 4096  
Somali so 0x77 119  
Somali (Djibouti) so-DJ 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Somali (Ethiopia) so-ET 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Somali (Kenya) so-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Somali (Somalia) so-SO 0x477 1143  
South Ndebele nr 0x1000 4096 Sunday
South Ndebele (South Africa) nr-ZA 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Southern Sotho st 0x30 48  
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-ZA 0x430 1072  
Spanish es 0xA 10  
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR 0x2C0A 11274 Sunday
Spanish (Belize) es-BZ 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE 0x200A 8202  
Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO 0x400A 16394  
Spanish (Brazil) es-BR 0x1000 4096  
Spanish (Chile) es-CL 0x340A 13322  
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO 0x240A 9226 Sunday
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR 0x140A 5130  
Spanish (Cuba) es-CU 0x5C0A 23562  
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO 0x1C0A 7178 Sunday
Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC 0x300A 12298  
Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV 0x440A 17418 Sunday
Spanish (Equatorial Guinea) es-GQ 0x1000 4096  
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT 0x100A 4106 Sunday
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN 0x480A 18442 Sunday
Spanish (Latin America) es-419 0x580A 22538  
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX 0x80A 2058 Sunday
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI 0x4C0A 19466 Sunday
Spanish (Panama) es-PA 0x180A 6154 Sunday
Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY 0x3C0A 15370 Sunday
Spanish (Peru) es-PE 0x280A 10250 Sunday
Spanish (Philippines) es-PH 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR 0x500A 20490 Sunday
Spanish (Spain) es-ES 0xC0A 3082  
Spanish (United States) es-US 0x540A 21514 Sunday
Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY 0x380A 14346  
Standard Moroccan Tamazight zgh 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Tifinagh) zgh-Tfng 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Tifinagh, Morocco) zgh-Tfng-MA 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Swati ss 0x1000 4096  
Swati (South Africa) ss-ZA 0x1000 4096  
Swati (Eswatini former Swaziland) ss-SZ 0x1000 4096  
Swedish sv 0x1D 29  
Swedish (Åland Islands) sv-AX 0x1000 4096  
Swedish (Finland) sv-FI 0x81D 2077  
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE 0x41D 1053  
Syriac syr 0x5A 90 Sunday
Syriac (Syria) syr-SY 0x45A 1114 Sunday
Tachelhit shi 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Tachelhit (Latin) shi-Latn 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Tachelhit (Latin, Morocco) shi-Latn-MA 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Tachelhit (Tifinagh) shi-Tfng 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Tachelhit (Tifinagh, Morocco) shi-Tfng-MA 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Taita dav 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Taita (Kenya) dav-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Tajik tg 0x28 40  
Tajik (Cyrillic) tg-Cyrl 0x7C28 31784  
Tajik (Cyrillic, Tajikistan) tg-Cyrl-TJ 0x428 1064  
Tamazight tzm 0x5F 95  
Tamazight (Latin) tzm-Latn 0x7C5F 31839  
Tamazight (Latin, Algeria) tzm-Latn-DZ 0x85F 2143  
Tamazight (Tifinagh) tzm-Tfng 0x785F 30815  
Tamil ta 0x49 73  
Tamil (India) ta-IN 0x449 1097  
Tamil (Malaysia) ta-MY 0x1000 4096  
Tamil (Singapore) ta-SG 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK 0x849 2121  
Tasawaq twq 0x1000 4096  
Tasawaq (Niger) twq-NE 0x1000 4096  
Tatar tt 0x44 68  
Tatar (Russia) tt-RU 0x444 1092  
Telugu te 0x4A 74  
Telugu (India) te-IN 0x44A 1098  
Teso teo 0x1000 4096  
Teso (Kenya) teo-KE 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Teso (Uganda) teo-UG 0x1000 4096  
Thai th 0x1E 30  
Thai (Thailand) th-TH 0x41E 1054  
Tibetan bo 0x51 81  
Tibetan (India) bo-IN 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Tibetan (PRC) bo-CN 0x451 1105  
Tigre tig 0x1000 4096  
Tigre (Eritrea) tig-ER 0x1000 4096  
Tigrinya ti 0x73 115  
Tigrinya (Eritrea) ti-ER 0x873 2163  
Tigrinya (Ethiopia) ti-ET 0x473 1139 Sunday
Tongan to 0x1000 4096  
Tongan (Tonga) to-TO 0x1000 4096  
Tsonga ts 0x31 49 Sunday
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-ZA 0x431 1073  
Turkish tr 0x1F 31  
Turkish (Cyprus) tr-CY 0x1000 4096  
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR 0x41F 1055  
Turkmen tk 0x42 66  
Turkmen (Turkmenistan) tk-TM 0x442 1090  
Ukrainian uk 0x22 34  
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA 0x422 1058  
Upper Sorbian hsb 0x2E 46  
Upper Sorbian (Germany) hsb-DE 0x42E 1070  
Urdu ur 0x20 32  
Urdu (India) ur-IN 0x820 2080  
Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) ur-PK 0x420 1056  
Uyghur ug 0x80 128  
Uyghur (PRC) ug-CN 0x480 1152  
Uzbek uz 0x43 67  
Uzbek (Cyrillic) uz-Cyrl 0x7843 30787  
Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan) uz-Cyrl-UZ 0x843 2115  
Uzbek (Latin) uz-Latn 0x7C43 31811  
Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan) uz-Latn-UZ 0x443 1091  
Uzbek (Perso-Arabic) uz-Arab 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Uzbek (Perso-Arabic, Afghanistan) uz-Arab-AF 0x1000 4096 Saturday
Vai vai 0x1000 4096  
Vai (Latin) vai-Latn 0x1000 4096  
Vai (Latin, Liberia) vai-Latn-LR 0x1000 4096  
Vai (Vai) vai-Vaii 0x1000 4096  
Vai (Vai, Liberia) vai-Vaii-LR 0x1000 4096  
Valencian (Spain) ca-ES-valencia 0x803 2051  
Venda ve 0x33 51 Sunday
Venda (South Africa) ve-ZA 0x433 1075 Sunday
Vietnamese vi 0x2A 42  
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN 0x42A 1066  
Volapük vo 0x1000 4096  
Volapük (World) vo-001 0x1000 4096  
Vunjo vun 0x1000 4096  
Vunjo (Tanzania) vun-TZ 0x1000 4096  
Walser wae 0x1000 4096  
Walser (Switzerland) wae-CH 0x1000 4096  
Welsh cy 0x52 82  
Welsh (United Kingdom) cy-GB 0x452 1106  
Wolaytta wal 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Wolaytta (Ethiopia) wal-ET 0x1000 4096 Sunday
Wolof wo 0x88 136  
Wolof (Senegal) wo-SN 0x488 1160  
Yangben yav 0x1000 4096  
Yangben (Cameroon) yav-CM 0x1000 4096  
Yi ii 0x78 120  
Yi (PRC) ii-CN 0x478 1144  
Yiddish yi 0x3D 61  
Yiddish (World) yi-001 0x43D 1085  
Yoruba yo 0x6A 106  
Yoruba (Benin) yo-BJ 0x1000 4096  
Yoruba (Nigeria) yo-NG 0x46A 1130  
Zarma dje 0x1000 4096  
Zarma (Niger) dje-NE 0x1000 4096  

The locale identifier LOCALE_CUSTOM_UNSPECIFIED (0x1000, or 4096) is assigned to any culture that does not have a unique locale identifier and does not have complete system-provided data.

Not all software packages will fully support all locales, so for example SQL database sort orders may not handle alphabetical sorting for every locale correctly even when the OS does.


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